When the Target is You

Nehemiah Series

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  • Nehemiah was chosen by God to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, but it was not always smooth
  • He faced one attack after another. He faced mockery, scorn and threats, but that did not stop him, nor the building efforts
  • The enemy changed tactics and he faced attacks internally and personally - economics, disharmony

In chapter 6 we review Nehemiah's personal attacks, how his enemy persisted and how he pressed on

The enemy tried to disarm Nehemiah with false hopes, vs 1-4

  • The scriptures doesn't tell us how Nehemiah knew that his enemies wanted to harm him. His enemies believed that if he was gone, God's work would not continue.
  • Nehemiah was wise and did not fall into their trap.

The enemy tried to discredit Nehemiah with false accusations, vs 5-9

  • Nehemiah enemies are very persistent. They generated an 'open letter' to discredit Nehemiah.
  • However Nehemiah sent a message to refute and deny the charges and committed himself into the hands of The Lord. Because he had a clear conscience, he was ready to face false accusations about his motives.
  • In Psalm 31:13-14 and Matt 5:11-12, we are reminded that ultimately, our trust is in the Lord and we can remain steadfast even when persecuted or mocked by man.
  • In Nehemiah 6, we also see the impact that falsehoods can have on the unity of a community.

The enemy tried to draw Nehemiah into sin with false advice, vs 10-14

  • At first glance, the words of the enemies did make good common sense and sounded reasonable. But notice that Nehemiah does something important - he carefully and prayerfully weighed the advice.
  • Nehemiah did not take their advice to run and hide. He realised that that would discourage the people that he led and was committed to leading.

The enemy tried to deceive Nehemiah with false sense of security and peace, vs 15-19

  • The enemy tried to trick Nehemiah into thinking they are defeated. The conspiracy however still continued. The opposition does not automatically stop when the task is completed


  • Spiritual leaders have a target drawn on them because if they are taken down, the congregation will easily be taken down. Pray for your leaders and learn to care for them.