Upcoming Reformation Concert

The venues are booked; the harmonies being written! It was announced on Sunday that to date 105 people have signed up for the choir and to be musicians! The church is ready to come together to tell each other the one story of the whole Bible in Scripture and song -- the story of Jesus and His love. We have been deeply humbled and encouraged by the many hands and voices that have rallied to this opportunity to sing and play the truths of His Word. This will be an important fundraising effort for the church rebuilding and we value everyone's participation!

If you haven't signed up yet, it's not too late! It's not about being a good musician or singer, nor is it about getting large numbers for the sake of it. This is a wonderful platform to love and serve one another, to connect and reconnect with the church and to glorify God with the gift of music and His Word!

Here is the full list of rehearsal dates, venues and times. Even if you are unable to make it for all the listed rehearsals, don't let that hinder you as the planning team would love to have you!

Contact Carrie or Lup Meng to sign up now. 


 concert rehearsal dates