What went on at the Tuesday Enquiry Group?

“Isn’t the Bible a myth? Hasn’t science disproved Christianity?” “Who is God? What is He like as described in Genesis 1?” -- For 14 Tuesday evenings in February to May, a small group has been meeting to discuss such questions. The Tuesday Enquiry Group started in February of 2018 as a group that meets weekly to provide a space for both Christians and non-Christians to get some answers for questions that they might have about the faith.

Broadly speaking, the topics of each of these 14 sessions can be categorised into three main groups. Firstly, six sessions were dedicated to apologetics. Each session started with a prayer, followed by a viewing of one episode of Timothy Keller’s “The Reason for God” DVD, which was then used to springboard our own discussions for the topic of the evening. These sessions dealt with common questions about the nature of God, the reality of heaven and hell in the Bible, and the exclusive truth claims of Christianity. There were also weeks where we addressed the truth of Scripture even in an age of science, the issue of obedience and authority that Scripture demands, as well as the seeming hypocrisy and failures of the church in society.

Apart from these thought-provoking questions, four sessions were spent on running through the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a concise but careful manner, where we examined four different passages in the Bible to answer questions about who God is, what Man is, who Jesus is and how we are to respond to Jesus. Lastly, we spent another four sessions on scrutinising some fascinating instances of Jesus’ ministry for us to get to know his motivations and actions better. These sessions took us through four passages in the Gospel of John as we saw Jesus interact with 4 different groups of people -- the truth-seeker, the party people, the ashamed and those who are hurting. These groups represent most if not all of us at some point in our lives, and these sessions provided a wonderful opportunity to see how God in Christ met people where they were.

We thank God for most graciously and faithfully providing for each and every session. When we began, we wondered about who would come and were worried that no one would turn up. But God was faithful as He always is, and provided people every single week! A total of 18 new people joined us over the course of the 14 weeks. Some grew up in the church, and had questions about the Christian faith. Others were non-Christians who wanted to find out more. There were also new Christians seeking to build their faith. God worked wonderfully to bring together familiar and unfamiliar faces together to simply discuss the Christian worldview and to be perceptive listeners of the Gospel. We were encouraged because some individuals have started attending GBC worship services and other events, while others have also indicated interests to continue finding out more! Indeed, it is to the praise of his glory that both big and small fruits have been borne out of each session, and we pray that God may continue to use us for the spread of the Gospel.

Perhaps one or more of the topics mentioned above happen to be of interest to you. Perhaps you happen to have a friend/colleague/schoolmate/family member who might be interested in talking about these topics. We plan to organise another run of these weekly sessions!

Starting on 14 Aug, the Tuesday Enquiry Group will be held on every Tuesday evening at rooms 310 A and 310 B of GBC, at 7.30pm to 9.30pm. This is open to anyone with questions, regardless of age! In fact, we’d love for and encourage GBC members to come with their friends, or come and learn in order to share and help their friends with questions! Check out this video by the team to find out more: 

Tuesday Enquiry poster (Aug to Nov 2018)

We would also appreciate your prayers for these sessions. Pray: 

  • For the team organising it, that we may continue to rest on God’s provision and to faithfully proclaim the death and resurrection of Christ.
  • That we may hold fast to the truth that the Gospel alone is the power of God for salvation - not clever arguments, not eloquent speech, and not even pretty powerpoint presentations.
  • For those that will come, that God will prepare their hearts and also reveal Himself to them. Pray that more in GBC will also come alongside their friends to help share the gospel!


If you still have questions or are interested to join us, please do not hesitate to contact Jonathan Tan