The Three B’s - 1st B: Believe

We have heard from Pastor Ian how discipleship is like a three-legged stool, with the three legs being Believe, Belong and Behave. Here, Rachel Wong explains to our children what belief is, and how it is possible to believe in a God we have not seen.



When I was young I used to believe in the tooth fairy. I never saw her, but every time I left a tooth under my pillow it would be replaced by a coin. Until one day I forgot to inform my parents my tooth had fallen out, and nothing happened! That’s when I stopped believing in the tooth fairy. 

We have never seen God either, and some people say you can’t believe in a God you haven’t seen. But why do people think you have to see something to believe in it? The Bible says faith is “being certain of what you do not see” (Hebrews 11:1). You have never been to Antarctica, but you believe it exists, don’t you? And I’m sure you believe you have a liver in your body, even though you’ve never seen it.

The reason people believe in things they haven’t seen is that there are other ways of knowing about the world than just relying on our eyes. We listen to people talk who have been to Antarctica and we trust that they are telling the truth. We are not seriously ill so we know we must have a liver. In the same way, God has given us evidence to show us He exists, such as the beauty of creation, His words in the Bible, and the way He is working in our lives and in others’ lives. God would never expect us to believe in something without reason, or without giving us some kind of clue that He is at work, although it may not be the kind of clue we can see with our eyes. 

So our belief in God is more than just hoping – we can KNOW that He is real. And God can always be trusted – not like the tooth fairy!