The Singapore Summit (and how to pray for it)

The entire island is abuzz this week for the arrival of Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump in Singapore for the "Singapore summit" at Capella, Sentosa.

What's at stake here? The historic meeting of two national leaders holds the promise of the end of the war and hostile relations. Nuclear disarmament is on the table, and possible opening up of the "hermit kingdom" to the rest of the world. For the 25 or so million North Korean people, this is significant. A nuclear-free Korean peninsular would likewise mean a more secure and peaceful future for the people of South Korea, Japan, the USA and the world.

How should Christians pray for this summit?

1. Remember and confess that God is sovereign over all things, and all the nations are in His hands (Ps 24:1). Our trust and confidence are in Him (Prov 16:33).

2. Ask God to lead the leaders of both countries to do what is in the interest of peace, justice and righteousness (Ps 46:9-10). Pray especially for Donald Trump, who claims to be a Christian, that he would live a life pleasing to God and live for His honor, not shame (Rom 14:8). Pray that this summit will be a step towards the betterment of millions of lives, for the flourishing of peace and prosperity for many. Pray for tangible and meaningful outcomes to be achieved through these talks.

3. Specifically, pray for wisdom and guidance for these leaders, for their counsellors and staffers whose words and decisions shape international affairs (Prov 16:21, Jas 3:17). Pray against personal pride, wicked intentions, and personal ambitions, which breed distrust and aggression.

4. Pray for the people of North Korea especially, that these discussions will lead to conditions that open up that closed country, and serve the cause of religious liberty, economic opportunity and hope, that the gospel may advance (Ps 2:14, Is 49:6). Pray that oppression and cruelty will cease there (Ps 12:5).

5. Pray for the safe conduct of the proceedings here in Singapore, and for Singapore's leaders, staffers and security personnel to be full of wisdom, shrewdness and effectiveness in their respective roles. Pray for an undisrupted summit free of incident and complication, that Singapore will be able to play our part for peace.