So That It Might Go Well With Us

How are we distinct as God's children from the people living around us? Pastor Ian exhorts us to be constrained by God's love and live in ways that it might go well with our children and our children's children.

As Pastor Eugene shared last week, we will be taking the next several weeks to walk through the book of Deuteronomy.  Within this extraordinary book, God has preserved His word through the preaching of His servant Moses.

There is much within the preaching of Moses that exposes the people of God to the desires of God.  And the best news?  God clearly desires to bless us!  I have found at least eleven times in Deuteronomy in which God shares with Moses His intent for His people:  “…that it might go well with them (Deut. 4;40; 5:16, 29; 6:3, 11, 18; 8:16; 12:25, 28;19:13; 22:7)!”

This Sunday, Sam will be sharing God’s word taken from Moses’ sermon in Deuteronomy 5.  At the centre of the text are ten exhortations that we commonly call, the 10 commandments.  These commandments were given in order to separate and distinguish the behaviours of the people of God from all the peoples who lived around them.  They were given to protect and provide.  As the Hebrew people faithfully followed these commands they were expressing their trust in God and were demonstrating their belief that His ways were best.  They didn’t follow these commands in order to achieve their own salvation.  The angel of death had already passed over them.  Their God had already liberated them from the chains of slavery.  They kept these commands so that as a liberated people, life would go well for them and for their children.

And yet… in 5:29 the great King of Creation, the Commander of Heaven’s armies, seems resigned to the fact that we often tenaciously conspire to plan our own heartache:  Oh that they had such a heart as this always, to fear me and to keep all my commandments, that it might go well with them and with their descendants forever!”

I pray that we would be challenged by His word, and by His heart for us.  I pray that we would so love our children and grandchildren and even those great grandchildren yet to come, that we would commit ourselves to live in ways that would ensure that it might go well with them.  I pray that, assured of our own salvation, we would nevertheless consistently cultivate our hearts to fear Him and keep His commandments. 

Let me encourage each of us to prepare for Sunday by reading Deuteronomy 5 and by asking God to prepare our hearts to respond faithfully to His word.

This Week:

  • Let’s pray for our Brothers Kim Meng and Chok Sun as they share tomorrow at the 2 G’s Lunchbyte. Pray that many would be prompted by the testimonies of Thanksgiving and Forgiving to embrace the gospel and discover the gateway to Life.  We praise God that 180 people have signed up!
  • Make plans to attend our Equip session on Disciple One Another, this coming Sunday at 11am, in room 310. Part 2 of Disciple One Another will be held on 22 April.