Why are we friends? -- A YA evangelism dinner

Disconnected relationships

The appointment of a Minister of Loneliness in the United Kingdom earlier this year sparked a discussion about the state of relationships not only in the UK, but in most developed countries. Technological developments and the rise of social media took the brunt of the blame for increasingly disconnected individuals and the breakdown of social relationships in communities.

Singaporeans are not spared from this and both young and old are learning to navigate social relationships in a new technologically advanced society. For young adults, the many transitions and changes in this stage of life are always stressful and technology and social media does add an additional level of strain and stress. As young adults transition from student life into adulthood, the tension between maintaining relationships and meeting expectations (whether academically or at work) forces them to consider the foundation of their relationships. Friends seem to be harder to make and keep. Society also seems to tell us that there is “the One”, the soulmate who seems to be elusive.


Gospel connections

These struggles serve also as areas that the church can speak into, and demonstrate practical love. After all, Christians are not immune to the same struggles and can certainly empathise. On November 10th, the Young Adults ministry will be having an evangelistic event- Why are We Still Friends(we don’t talk anymore), that hopes to addressing the struggles and disappointments of relationships as well as the hope that the gospel offers in response.

A panel of young adults will be sharing their personal experiences of marriage, dating, friendship, and singleness respectively- highlighting the disappointments and struggles as well as how a relationship with Christ radically changes their relationships. There will also be a time for small group table discussions over a prata dinner for all to reflect on the sharing, as well as share their own struggles. The YA evangelism team hopes that this event can provide a friendly and welcoming environment for our non-Christian friends to get to know Christians, hear of their common struggles, and also of their Saviour.

YA evangelism poster

The team has also shared some prayer requests for this event:

  • Pray for more opportunities this week to invite friends and family. Pray for boldness for our young adults to respond in obedience and faith when these opportunities present themselves.
  • Thank God for those that have signed up so far. Pray for the Spirit to work in the hearts of all who come to really hear and be convicted of the practical power of the gospel to transform people and relationships- both our YA and their guests.
  • Thank God for the willingness of the panelists to share! Pray that they will be clear and winsome as they not only share their struggle, but also the joy and comfort in their relationship with Jesus. Pray that through the night, our YAs will love and serve all who come in a way that resonates with John in John 3:30 – that we will decrease and Jesus will increase.

The event will be held in church on 10 Nov, from 6-9.30 pm at the attic. If you're interested to attend or are keen to bring friends, sign up here.