Reformation Concert 2016 Update: Tell Me the Story of Jesus

Thank YOU Grace Baptist Church for your prayers and participation thus far! We are grateful to the Lord for all He has provided. Let us share some answered prayers with you:

  • He has provided the good support of the leadership and also that talents and skills of musicians and arrangers, enabling all the music to be arranged in house.
  • God provided a venue at Calvary Baptist Church.
  • We prayed for 120 singers and musicians and He led 120 people to sign up.
  • He also led 10 children to come forward so we have a final count of 130 participants.
  • We also thank God for supporting teams, such as marketing and publicity, to design and execute the groundwork.
  • There will also be teaching programmes supporting the content around the concert so that it becomes a meaningful experience for the whole church.

Every prayer answered is a testimony of their faith-journey with God during this transition period and we give thanks to God for all of them!

Now many of you have asked about tickets and where you can get them. We want to share that sales will begin from 28 August 2016, pending MDA approval – do pray for us on this! There will be a booth set up outside the sanctuary and payment can be made by cash or cheque (Grace Baptist Church Ltd.). Prices are at $65 per ticket. The reason why this may feel more expensive is because of the needs of our fundraising effort, and also to avoid having many people buy tickets for their friends who might then not turn up. We do not want to have an empty hall as we give praise to God in song. The price can also be seen as a mark of quality – we have a wonderful concert lined up!

Beyond our fundraising however, this is a time for us to unite our hearts and minds as a church on the truths that we hold dearly from His Word. As such, we want to be wise and sensitive in our efforts not to hard sell to people indiscriminately, but to be intentional and prayerful with who we invite. It will be a time to encourage brothers and sisters from churches to partner and support us. Although the concert is not evangelistic, non-Christians have the opportunity to come and hear the story of Jesus andexperience a church.

We appreciate everyone that has come aboard this journey in one way or another, and seek that you continue to keep the church in prayer!