Quarterly Congregational Meeting (QCM) 7 Oct 2018

On 7 Oct 2018, we will be having our 4th QCM for 2018 after the worship service. We are thankful to God for opportunities like these where we can gather as a church, seeking to find out how we can all work together to advance the gospel together and build up the church. 

We strongly encourage all church members to come for this meeting with a spirit of thankfulness and expectancy to see how God is and will be working through us as a church that seeks God's pleasure. To help us prepare and pray for the meeting, here is the QCM agenda:

1. Opening prayer

2. Thanksgiving testimonies/sharing of encouraging stories and prayer

  • Reformation Concert
  • Encouraging: personal evangelism, members caring for others
  • Stories of newcomers coming and plugging in

3. Leadership Development (Ordination)

4. Clarifying Position on Deacon Ministry

5. Q & A

6. Equip Update

7. Membership matters

  • Members leaving: Calling, Discipline
  • Members coming in

8. Members’ covenant

9. Closing prayer