Quarterly Congregational Meeting (QCM) 7 Jan 2018

Beginning in January 2018, the English Congregation will be having regularly quarterly members' meetings in a new format. At these meetings, we will welcome new members into our church family, as well as touch on opportunities to love and serve one another. The elders will also be speaking about key plans for 2018. 

The first QCM of the year will take place after worship service on Sunday, 7 Jan. A fellowship bento lunch has also been prepared for members during that time, and extra food has been catered for members who may not have registered in time.

We strongly encourage all of you to join us at this meeting to find out how we can all work together to build up the church. To help us prepare and pray for the meeting, here is the QCM agenda:

1. Opening Prayer

2. Why QCM?

3. New Ministry Metric


5. CG Plans

6. Children's Ministry

7. Membership Matters:

  • New members
  • Member care

8. Covenant and Beliefs

9. Closing Prayer

See you at the QCM!