Praying for the Reformation Concert

We’re a week away from this year’s Reformation Concert “Psalms – Grace that Sings”, and our musicians and choir have been working hard to practice for this. 

As the title suggests, this concert will focus on singing the Psalms together as a church. The Psalms plumb the depths of human emotions, and teach us to direct our emotions and thoughts Godward. From praise to despair, lament to worship, there is no emotion that is not covered in the Psalms.

Through this concert, we also hope to celebrate the joys of singing together as a corporate body. The 85 choir members and 25 musicians of all ages, gender and musical abilities have been learning to sing and play not just as individuals, but to make music together. In the Reformation too, the value of congregational singing and involvement in worship was also rediscovered. Thus, we also hope that this concert will serve to highlight this heritage that we have inherited as a church, 501 years after the Reformation.

This is a church wide effort, and we are grateful to God for all that He has blessed us with so far! In the week leading up to the concert, here are some prayer requests. The planning team has also made available the concert poster for download as a phone wallpaper! Why not use this as a reminder to pray for this concert, and for the hearts of all who will come! We pray that through the music and singing, God will be glorified and made known

  • Thank God for the hard work of the choir and musicians since the end of July. Thank God for the many opportunities to get to know other members in this church.
  • Pray for the choir and musicians, that the truths in the lyrics will take root in their hearts as they prepare and practice this week. Pray that they will be united in Christ as they make music together to sing the Psalms that speaks of God’s grace and love. Pray also for good health in the week leading up to the concert.
  • Thank God for the enthusiasm of the church as we have given out all our tickets! Pray for the hearts of all who will attend that God will soften their hearts to be ministered through the songs.
  • Thank God for members that have stepped up to help in the logistics and administrative matters. Pray that the various aspects of the concert (ushering, parking, ticketing, PowerPoint, design, etc) will go smoothly and that the people involved will serve with joy. Pray that GBC members will be friendly and welcoming to guests on the day of the concert.


Refcon 2018 preview poster


For GBC members without tickets, you can attend the preview session on 21 October from 2-4 pm. Please be seated by 1.40 pm. 





For those attending the concert, please be seated by 7.10 pm. Parking on the premises will be limited, but alternative parking spots can be found here. You can share this poster with your guests!Refcon 2018 concert poster