Prayer Meeting on 26 January 2018

Prayer Meeting

(26 January 2018)

Prayer Points



Prayer & Praise:

- Pray for the youth who are transiting to a new school, that they would trust God as their school postings are confirmed & that they would be able to find an environment they can grow and thrive in.

- Pray for the youth as they navigate the various challenges of identity, school & family.

- Thank God for our team of youth leaders: Matthew Seah, Juslyn Chan, Gloria Yeo, Priscilla Tang, Aaron Lum,  Shermaine Tan, and Jessica Fong.



Prayer & Praise:

- We thank God that He continues to add to our flock of children both from members in our church and also children from our outreach ministries.

- We pray for the children that they can come together as a community and to welcome those who are particularly like them.

- Pray for the teachers, some of whom are taking on roles which they are not familiar with & that they will form a community that supports each other.

- Pray that more will step up to teach in the ministry as we have many openings both for regular teaching &VBS in June. 



Prayer & Praise:

Tuition & Reading Club

- Thank God for the provision of teachers when the need arises. Some old students/teachers have left while other new students/teachers have joined us.

- Thank God for re-settling Reading Club to Monday afternoons.

- Pray for for all teachers in Tuition and Reading Club to persevere in service with love, patience, wisdom & joy despite the many difficulties & uncertainties.

- Pray for continual opportunities to minister & reach out to students and their families.

- Pray for students to be motivated to learn and improve, for consistency & punctuality in attendance.


- Thank God for sustaining the core team in 2017 & the CGs & church members who came alongside to support this ministry in 2017.

- Pray that the core team will be refreshed & recharged to build on the good work, relationship & trust that have been established with the children & staff.

- Pray for God's provision of CGs & members to support the activities in 2018. 

- Pray for members to come & help out at the 17th Mar outing & for Bok Wee to present Spirit-led words that will minister to all listeners on that day.

Outreach Opportunity

- 2G Lunchbytes on Sat 14 Apr 2018 (11 am to 2 pm). Kim Meng and his friend, Mok will be sharing stories about “GIVE Thanks and ForGIVE.”

- Members to start praying for pre-believing friends & relatives that God will remove all obstacles for them to attend this event.



Prayer & Praise:

We thank God for bringing us through an eventful 2017.  As we look back, we are amazed by His grace and love for our Church & His people & give thanks for the following:

- how God led us through the move back to the new building and how He made the process smooth & without many hiccups especially in purchase of new instruments, setup & getting used to the new environment.

- new sound & av equipment is by and large working well & even held various large-scale events in the new building. 

- members of the ministry who worked tirelessly throughout the year to bless the church with their faithful service.

Pray for:

- The choir as they begin to prepare for the Good Friday & Easter presentations

- The sound & av team as they continue to fine-tune & adjust the system to get even better & consistent sound setup. 

- The members in the team to continue to be faithful in their walk with the Lord and find joy in their service to Him.

- New members in the team to be able to fit in well and find their service in this ministry to be one where they can grow closer to the Lord & to each other in the body of Christ. 



Prayer & Praise:

- Pray for the new young adults who are slowly but surely settling in to their discipleship groups

- Pray that they will continue to grow as they find out more about the gospel. Pray also for our current young adults, that they may learn and apply love & hospitality as a product of the gospel working in their lives.

- Pray for the many YAs going overseas - for returning folks like Kenneth, Agnes and Shawn, that they will be encouraged and recharged after spending CNY with their loved ones; for the folks heading out for the first time - for Daniella on exchange in France, for David and Alvin for university in Australia - pray that they will sink roots in local churches there and continue to grow in their love for God's word and His people.

- Pray for the new evangelistic initiative (The Tuesday Enquiry) led by Jonathan. Pray that the team behind the initiative will be loving, wise & humble as they present the gospel to non-believers, and that it will be a safe space for everyone to have open discussions on questions about Christianity. Pray for GBC members to consider bringing their friends to the sessions and commit to them, both in attendance and in personal responsibility in walking with their non-Christian friends.

- Pray for the YA leaders - many of whom will be transitioning out of the ministry this year. Pray that they will prayerfully and faithfully consider where and whom in God's body to serve next, and that they will do so joyfully, lovingly and wisely.

- Pray that God will raise more leaders - pray that He will inspire, nurture and grow more young adults to step up and lead in this ministry. Pray for fruit in this ministry, that the gospel will continue to reach the nations.

- Pray for joy. Pray that we will all learn to delight in God's word and the amazing, loving, undeserved gift that is the gospel, and that that delight will fuel our ministries as we continue to labour faithfully.



Prayer & Praise:

Ping, Heidi, Benaja and Esra

- Benaja is now in 5th grade and Esra in 3rd grade. We praise God for Annika who is still faithfully teaching our children. She is a wonderful help and gets on very well with both Benaja and Esra. Annika’s contract ends in July and we may have to look for a new teacher for the next school year.

- We would have liked to return to Switzerland at the end of the school year in July, but were told that this would not be possible as we need to extend our visas in November. So, we will continue another home-school semester and Lord willing, go on a short furlough in 2019. The Saluan people are a burden on our hearts and we would like to stay as long as possible here in Indonesia. At the same time, we want to do the best we can to give our children a good education. Please pray for wisdom and guidance that we will follow God’s lead who always knows what is best for us.

- Thank GBC for coming alongside us and partnering with us in reaching the Saluan people with His Word for His Glory, for showing love towards us and the Saluan, for praying for us, our family and our ministry, for encouraging and supporting us in so many ways.


David, Gladys, Daniel, Faith, Jubilee, Jeremiah and Hope

- The work among our missionary colleagues & Thai leaders to carry on and 

bear fruit for the Lord. 

- Meaningful conversations with believers & impactful presentations in 

churches during our time of ministry in the US.                

- Daniel & Faith to settle into online schooling for one semester & strength for 

Gladys as she home schools the triplets every weekday morning. 

- God’s healing & restoration upon Gladys’ health & financial provisions for us 

to return to Thailand for another term of service. 


Rev Dick and Edith Hugoniot

- Rev Dick and Edith will be visiting Singapore from 26 Jan to 2 Feb.  Please pray for God’s traveling mercies & good health.


Fedora Teong’s Preparation for Missions Field

- Raised full support for 2018 based on 2017 Total Support Figure (a portion is pledged)

- Almost completed OMF’s Internet-based training, a final module on Third Culture Kids yet to be completed.

- Thai fieldside has started visa application process and should be completed by the time she is in Thailand.

- Air ticket to Thailand booked for 10 Feb 2018.