Prayer Meeting on 23 February 2018

Prayer Meeting
(23 February 2018)
Prayer Points



Prayer & Praise:

- Pray for our young adults to fall in love with God's word - to see it as beautiful, attractive, worthy and necessary, and to form lifelong habits of reading the word both alone and together.

- Pray for our students overseas that they will find churches to be plugged in.

- Prayer for the evangelistic effort The Tuesday Enquiry - Please pray that God will continue to work in the hearts of those that have been coming. That each would come to a clearer view of who God is. For strength and perseverance for our facilitators as we prepare and engage with our guests.

- Pray for the YA leaders, many of whom have been serving for more than three years. May the joy of seeing just one or two find salvation in the gospel, and the joy of walking alongside them as they mature in their walk with God, fuel our ministry to run the race with gladness.



Prayer & Praise:

- Pray for the youth who will be receiving their A Level results - Pearl Lee, David Vun, Christy Wu.

- Pray for the youth who have made the transition to the Young Adults, that they would be able to be integrated into the community - Emily Chan, Pearl Lee, Joshua Yap, Reuben Ang, David Vun.



Prayer & Praise:

Gracehaven outing on 17 Mar morning:

2018 theme of Gracehaven: “Continual Blessings” (taken from Deuteronomy 28:2 "All this will come on you and accompany you if you obey the Lord your God").

- God will use Bok Wee to deliver His words. 

- To remove all obstacles for the children to attend the event.

- To prepare the hearts of the children, staff & volunteers.

- To enable GBC volunteers to share the gospel with the children & encourage them.

- To provide protection, fine weather & fun time at Coney Island.

- To provide 4 to 5 more volunteers for this outing.


Tuition and Reading Club:

- Thanksgiving for God's provision of teachers & volunteers to match the demands of Tuition and Reading Club.

- Thanksgiving that Reading Club is able to settle in quickly to Monday afternoons .

- God will strengthen all teachers in Tuition & Reading Club to persevere in service with love, patience, wisdom & joy, despite the many difficulties & uncertainties.

- Provision of continual opportunities to minister & reach out to students & their families.

- Students will be motivated to learn & improve.

- Consistency & punctuality in student attendance.


Outreach Opportunity:

- 14 Apr 2018 (Sat) from 11 am to 2 pm - 2Gs Lunchbytes at Grace Baptist Church.  Kim Meng and his friend Mok will be sharing on GIVE Thanks and ForGIVE.  

- Members to pray for non-believing friends and relatives to attend this event. 

- God will provide them with opportunities and boldness to invite their friends and relatives.



Prayer & Praise:

Pua Mission Trip 2-5 March 2018

We are thankful to God for a team of 9 regular participants (Beh, Kit Wan, Joey, Grace Ang, Kim Song, Susan, Victor, June & Won Lee) who will be making a trip to Pua from 2-5 March 2018 to teach English and share the gospel with the children at Kathy’s Home. Please join us to:

 - Pray for responsive hearts from the children to our Vacation Bible School programme theme of “Created by God, Built for a Purpose”

- Pray for journey mercy .

- Pray for a time of close fellowship & sharing amongst the team members to unify our hearts & minds in this mission.

- Pray that the present cohort of 7 Grade-12 students will seek wise counsel in their choice of tertiary courses and universities and God will bring His faithful servants to guide & mentor them after they leave Kathy's Home.

- Pray that God will continue to bless and uphold Mak & Narola who have been  caring for and sharing the gospel with the children & their parents in the villages for over two decades.


Barnabas Lin

During his sabbatical, Barnabas felt a clear call to courageously step forward into preaching & teaching. In the last few weeks and the few months to come, Barnabas had and will be preaching & teaching at various meetings to different groups of people:

9-11 Feb - preached at UChicago’s Winter Retreat

21 Feb -  taught students at the med school in UChicago.

25 Feb - preaching at the Chicago Citywide Teach-in.

20-22 Apr - invited to preach at a regional Asian American student conference in the Pacific Northwest. 

- Pray for wisdom & discernment as he prepares for these on top of his busy ministry schedule.

- Pray also for a good life and ministry balance, for good friends, for steadfastness in the Lord in a time of exceptional demands, for protection from the enemy, for discipline to tend to life outside of ministry.



Prayer & Praise:

We continue to praise God for His grace & provision over the past 6 months of moving back to the new building. Please continue to pray for the ministry in the following areas.

- Pray for the choir & worship teams as they prepare for the Good Friday & Easter services. The choir will be presenting for both services.  Pray that they will be able to prepare well and that the services will be a meaningful reminder of the price that Christ has paid for us all and that indeed, death has no sting because He is risen. 

- Pray for the ministry in general as we align ourselves to the church’s vision of a disciple-making church.  Pray for opportunities to minister to each other & for the members of the ministry to use the ministry as a disciple-making platform to build up the church in faith & love for Christ. 

- Pray for the AV team as they prepare & plan for the many events & services that will happen in the next 2-3 months, that the team will serve with joy & that they will be able to overcome any technical challenges that might come up as they seek to serve Him. 



Prayer & Praise:

- Pray for more teachers as we are in need of teachers for VBS in June and will be actively recruiting in March.

- Pray for the VBS team that they will be able to plan a program that is both evangelistic & also meaningful to our children & those in the community.

- Pray for teachers as they juggle both their personal walk with God & discipling the teacher.