Prayer Meeting (29 September 2017)

Prayer Meeting

(29 September 2017)

Prayer Points


Prayer & Praise:

- We are now in the final stages of getting the last print issue for 2017 ready. We thank God for those who have agreed to be interviewed, written, illustrated and taken photos. We are also very thankful for the time & creativity that God has given the team in terms of edit & layout. It has been a very busy quarter for the team as apart from the quarterly Grace News, we were also preparing the special publication for GBC's rebuilding and some of the team members were also involved in the editing for the weekly eNews. We want to thank and praise God for putting everything into place once again. Never ceases to amaze us!

- We pray that the articles will minister to those who read them, that they will encourage us in our walk with Christ. It is also our prayers that members will continue to come forth to share and encourage one another with their testimonies & how God is working in our lives, so that we will grow in our knowledge & love for God & for one another.  

- The team will be meeting in late October to plan the issues for 2018. Please pray for wisdom & joy as we come together every quarter to discuss and plan. Please also pray that we will continue to draw strength from God as we serve in this ministry.



Prayer & Praise:

- In light of exam season, please pray that youth would:

- Cast their anxieties on God & trust in Him that He knows what's best for them.

- Be granted discipline & rest as they prepare for & sit for their papers.

- Learn how they can be a conduit of God's love & grace to each other & their schoolmates during this time



Prayer & Praise:

- Thank God for the recently completed studies in the book of Hebrews. 

- DS regular teachers will be taking a break for October.

- During October, DS timeslot will be used for a workshop series on "Disciple One Another". Pray that this will help foster a discipleship culture in church.



Prayer & Praise:

We thank God for the past 6 weeks worshipping at our new building and the services went on relatively smoothly. Let us continue to pray:

- That the sound and av team is able to finalise the settings and familiarise themselves with the equipment. There are many details that need to be worked out. Please continue to pray also for the vendors to be able to do a final handover and training to the team in a timely manner. 

- Thank God for the worship/song leaders training and sharing by Ps Eugene.  Continue to pray that our services reflect the glory & grace of God through the gospel of His Son, Jesus Christ. 

- Thank God for the combined thanksgiving service and for the participation of both the EC and Choir.  Pray that we will continue to work together and continue in this spirit of laboring together for His glory. 



Prayer & Praise:

- Pray for the P6 students who are going through their PSLE & also their parents.

- Pray for the teachers, some of whom are experiencing difficulty in balancing commitments.

- We thank God for the successful games held for the children on 2 Sep and are hoping to host it again soon. We also thank God for the supportive parents & youth who helped set up the games.



Prayer & Praise:

- We give thanks to God for the dedication & commitment of the Cell Group (CG) Ministry Team & all the CG and Small Group (SG) Leaders.

- We give thanks for the various Shepherding Groups where the Pastors/Elders will partner with each assigned CGLs/SGLs to shepherd the respective CGs/Small Groups.

- We give thanks for the various CGs/SGs who have stepped up & volunteered to help with the hospitality table on Sundays.

- Pray for fruit when the CGLs/SGLs attend the Training Session on Saturday 28 Oct 2017. Pray for the half-day session on "How to Lead Small Group" conducted by Ps Eugene.

- Pray for God's wisdom and leading for the CG Ministry Team as we plan for 2018.



Prayer & Praise:


Thanksgiving for the outing on 16 Sept at Hort Park and SAFRA Mt Faber led by George’s care group:

- The rain stopped just when we set out for the walk. The cool bright morning was a blessing & conducive for the walk.

- The walk gave each of us opportunities to get to know the children & encourage them.

- The boys were attentive when Helen shared the story on prodigal son.

- Why/how to forgive & reconcile. One 8-year old boy related the story to one of us after that.

- Safety & the enjoyable time of bowling and fun at the pool in SAFRA club


Cheow Loon’s Care Group will be organizing the next event for Gracehaven. Please pray for:

- Wisdom to organize an engaging program. God to remove all obstacles for the children to attend the event.

- God to use the designated speaker to deliver His words with clarity and conviction.

- God to prepare the hearts of the listeners.


Tuition has moved back to church for the last 3 weeks.

We are also embarking on a reading club that will operate on Wednesday afternoon from 3pm - 6.30pm.

We want to thank God for:

- His timely providence of a place during the last two years at the Residents’ Committee premise.

- The provision of teachers in the Tuition Ministry & Reading Club.

- Favour shown by MPS principal & teachers, RC & ex-students who are helping us in the distribution/publicity of the reading club.

- Pray for:

- God to move the hearts of children & parents to desire help & improvement.

-  Wisdom, strength, love & patience for our teachers.

- The flyers to land in the right hands that God will seek out those that not only need help in reading but also need to know Him.

- We may be able to declare like Paul that we are innocent of the blood of any of those who are placed amongst us, for we have not hesitated to proclaim to them the whole will of God with the help of the Holy Spirit.



Prayer & Praise:

- We give thanks for the combined CG sessions held with 3 CGs -- Wild Wild West (led by Eric Tan), TGIF (led by See Kwang Yew) and Just Do It (led by Tan Cher Ming and Joey Raju) which gave us time to eat, interact and sing together as family in Christ.

- For the teachers and attendees of the latest "Doctrine of Scripture" training series, where we learnt about God's word and His character and how it relates to our disciple-making. We give thanks for strong interest & good attendance for the sessions.

- For the YA leaders who serve faithfully in Bible studies and one-on-one discipleship, & give of themselves selflessly for others.

- For YAs who are reaching out to their family members with the gospel, and helping them come to church & integrate. Pray for God to bless these efforts, and that the church will also reach out & embrace those who want to explore the gospel.

- It is easy to grow discouraged in ministry when we struggle through our commitments, see no fruit or if those around us fall away. Pray for our leaders to be strengthened in zeal & renewed in love, and that the rest of the church will also encourage them practically.-

- Pray especially for YA leaders who are using the Gospel Primer to share the gospel with others. Pray that God will enrich those efforts and work through them.

- Pray for our upcoming evangelistic event on 21 Oct entitled "Why Jesus?" and for our mystery speaker who will share the gospel to our unbelieving friends. Pray that our YAs will reach out in boldness & love, and for good attendance and effective witnessing.

- Pray for our overseas students in transition. One YA shared about making unwise decisions days within arriving at a new school, and struggles with university party culture. Another plans to read through a list of Christian books to enrich himself. Pray that God's Spirit will meet each person where they are.

- Pray for new YAs who have been visiting our big groups and small group gatherings -those who are unfamiliar with GBC, those who have yet to build strong friendships, and those who have yet to understand the gospel clearly.

- Pray for our final Doctrine of Scripture training series on 22 Oct, that there will be clear effectiveness in the teaching, and that our confidence in the Bible increases.