Prayer Meeting on 31 August 2018

Prayer Meeting

(31 August 2018)

Prayer Points



- Praise God for the baptisms of some young adults last Sunday. We thank God for their testimonies of God's work in their lives. Pray for these YAs that their faith will remain rooted in Christ, and they will continue to grow in community. 

- Pray for the YAs that just started school or are heading abroad for another year of studies. Thank God for the months of rest. Pray that they will steward the gift of scholarship, and also find opportunities to love and serve those around them. 

- We thank God for the regular evangelism platforms -- TEG, upcoming evangelism event in November. Pray for courage for our YAs to speak to their friends about their faith. Pray for the teams working on these platforms to persevere and be welcoming to all who come. 

- We are always thankful to God for the team of YA leaders who juggle many commitments, but are committed to loving the YAs. Some of the leaders have recently left the team to serve in other ministries and groups in GBC, while new leaders have joined the team. Pray for a smooth transition and for the leaders to continue to remain faithful, regardless of where God leads.



- We want to give thanks for the terrarium workshop that was held on 4 Aug. It was a good bonding time for members & some visitors. We knew of ladies who really needed some time-off from very trying situations at home. It was a good way for them to take a small break and be among the church family. Also we had the opportunity to show the non-believers a small part of our church life as believers. 




- 6 students are taking PSLE. Pray for health protection, good time management & preparation.

- Pray that teachers will reflect God's love, patience & creativity as they engage students and sow seeds in these young lives.


Reading Club:

Pray for the God's guidance & wisdom for the reading club for 2019.



The next outing will be a Heritage Trail at Tiong Bahru on 8 Sep organised by Bruce Mok's CG.  Pray for:

- Good weather.

- God to remove all obstacles for children to participate.

- Safety of participants.

- God will use Hannah's Bible story on Ruth to touch the hearts of the hearers.

- Meaningful interactions amongst the participants from Gracehaven and GBC.

- Smooth running of the event.


Monthly Service on Last Thursday at Gracehaven:

- God will use GBC speaker(s) to minister to children and their parents with appropriate messages that are relevant and close to their hearts.

- GBC participants will reflect God's love in their interactions with both children & their parents.



Missions Trip to Kathy's Home in Pua from 31/8 -3/9

Team Members: Won Lee, June, Siew Kim, Susan, Kim Song, Helen, Beh and our 2 Thai residents William and Karen Lenn.

Please pray for :

- Smooth flight connection in Bangkok for Nan on 31 August and safe driving for William & Karen Lenn and journey mercy for all.

- We are using the testimony of the lone Christian boy in the cave rescue as the basis for our English lessons and the children will be inspired by his faith.

- The teachers will be able to connect with the children and the gospel will be shared.

- The children will be attentive during this hot weather.


Pastor Ian will be speaking to the Nav Staff  on 3/9 on Missions.

- Pray for Pastor Ian's presentation and that the audience will be inspired and be refreshed by the message.

- Pray for good health and increased capacity for both Beow Kheng and Kim Meng  as they          serve the Lord and that they will continue to receive wisdom and joy in their service.


Cru Singapore

- As this is student orientation season, pray for a fruitful time of evangelism and discipleship on Cru Singapore student ministries grounds.



We thank God for the 100 or so people (choir and musicians) who are participating in the upcoming Reformation Concert. The concert preparations are now in full swing. Please continue to pray for

- The rehearsals to go well and that the choir and musicians are able to learn the songs & music effectively.  

- The organising team as they prepare for the logistics, ticketing, publicity & other matters. Pray that they will serve with His spirit and love. Pray also for people to help in various aspects of logistics, ticketing, ushering and others. 

- That God will unite His people of GBC through this concert and that we will get to know each other more to encourage each other in the faith and build each other up to the fullness of Christ.  

- Pray for the congregation as they also prepare to think about the people they will invite to the concert and that the message of Christ through the Psalms will indeed be an encouragement and uplifts the hearts of those who attend. 



- Praise God for upholding teachers on Sundays with wisdom, patience, kindness & compassion in sowing God's word.

Pray for:

Children-Parents-Teachers Get Together 

- Good participation for teachers and parents. 

- Good time of fellowship getting to know one another & establish a community life together.

- Good weather in the open space at attic.

2019 Plan

- We are looking into changing of curriculum. Pray that God will guide us with wisdom in getting a good curriculum for children's church.

- God will enable us with teachers to commit to serve Him next year. 



- Thank you for praying for and along with us, we had a very fruitful and productive meeting on 28 Jul to discuss the articles for Oct's issue. We finished the meeting in an hour, half the usual time needed.

- We thank God for those who have written or agreed to be interviewed for this issue! Your sharing have been very encouraging.

- We are now in the stage of preparing the articles for layout, please pray that God will provide the time and creativity needed for the layout team as they work on it amidst busy work schedules, and that they will also be ministered by the articles and enjoy the process. 

- The team will take a sabbatical break next year, and so there will be no print issue of Grace News in 2019. Hence, we strongly encourage everyone to sign up for Grace eNews (, you have been missing out a lot!



- Pray for members to sign up.

- Pray for camp committee as they deliberate on their planning.

- Pray for our camp speaker & ancillary speakers, as they lead in the group discussions.