Prayer Meeting on 27 April 2018

Prayer Meeting

(27 April 2018)

Prayer Points

I. Grace News

- Grateful for the time, gifts and love that the Lord has given the team to work together on the latest print issue despite busier than usual schedules for quite a number of our team members, as well as some design/layout challenges. We are amazed once again at how the issue managed to fall into place. 

- Grateful for Thomas Choong who has been faithfully taking photos of events, uploading them and sending them to us within a couple of days.

- Grateful for Cecilia Kang who has been helping us with the elder associates' interviews behind the scene.

- Please pray that as we meet this Saturday to brainstorm for next quarter's issue, God will continue to give us the wisdom and love needed to discuss & decide on what to focus on and that we will be sensitive to His leading. 



Vacation Bible School  

- We thank God that many have volunteered their time.  We pray for wisdom to deliver a meaningful program.

- We also thank God that we have received a very good registration of 50 children (with more along the way). And this means we need more hands to help.

- We pray for the teachers, many of whom have parents who need care & that they will continue to be strengthened by the Lord.



- Prayer for the youth who are going through their mid-year examinations.

- Prayer for the youth that they would continue to develop in their identity in Christ amidst a heavy school calendar and multiple commitments.



David and Gladys:

- Pray for fruitful time of deputation as David speaks in many churches & seeks to encourage the Body of Christ to send out more missionaries.

- Pray for their family members to be healthy. Lord willing, they hope to return to Thailand by July 2018.

- Pray for the ongoing ministry of their co-workers in Bangkok. May the Lord use them to lead many more Thais to Christ & to strengthen local churches to reach out effectively.


Ping and Heidi

- They are trying to put in at least 6-8 hours of language study. They need good health, lots of coffee and hope to achieve some goals by July. Ping is focusing on the conversational aspect of the language whereas Heidi likes to spend more time on figuring out the grammar.

- Ping teaches the Bible to a local family once a week in a little provision shop. They are not educated but enjoy the clear teaching of God's Word. Ping also enjoys being surrounded by snacks & drinks.

- Heidi meets with the dictionary team twice a week for language study.  Pray that they will be faithful to meet despite their busy work schedules.

- Ping visited a Saluan village recently. They offered to tell the villagers about the good news but some were cautious. The villagers know how to contact Ping so Ping & Heidi hope the Lord will bring the people to them one day.

- Ping & Heidi treat sick people quite regularly so they need strength & patience to nurse the sick people back to health. Hawanis, a Saluan guy with them is recovering well from various health issues.

Pray for Benaja and Esra

- Benaja is turning 12 this year. He is growing in his knowledge and faith in God. We want to be his close friend as he transitions into a teenager with more responsibilities in life. Esra is 9. He is very creative with his hands & musically inclined. Sometimes he needs a wooden spatula to help him learn about obedience.

- They are doing very well in home-school. We thank God for a great German home-school teacher who has been with us for two years. She will finish her contract in July and we are in the process of getting a new Swiss teacher in August after the school holidays.

- Our boys’ school term ends in mid July. We hope to make a short visit to Singapore while we wait for the new home-school teacher to arrive.



Prayer & Praise:

- Pray for our young adults who are at various stages in life, from NSFs to students to working folks - pray that as we grow and mature in life that we will likewise grow and mature as disciples, and that we will remind each other of our identities & priorities in Christ amidst the busyness of life. Pray that we will strive for holiness, and that our relationships in church will support that as we seek to serve, love & correct one another.

- Thank God for the faithfulness of those serving in the Tuesday Enquiry as they wrap up the first run. Pray that our non-Christian friends' hearts will be stirred to turn to meet Jesus in His word, and for us to likewise be encouraged by the seeds planted and to trust God with the fruit.

- Pray for the upcoming retreat on Heaven in June - for the planning team to tie up all the loose ends as the dates draw closer, but also for those still considering attendance to see how this topic is so important and essential to our lives as Christians here on earth. Pray that God will move and use the speakers (Sam Beh and Bryan Tan) powerfully, and that through this retreat many will understand what it means to live on this side of the cross while longing for Christ's return.

- For our young adult leaders, many of whom are struggling with the responsibilities & commitments on top of their small group & discipling relationships. Pray that we will be reminded that ultimately we are meant to help each other put our living and believing together, that we may live as God's children redeemed by Christ and spur one another on to holiness.



Prayer & Praise:

- Thank God for the recent Good Friday and Easter services where the truth of Jesus’ death and resurrection was proclaimed.  The choir was very encouraged by the service as they led the congregation in both services though scripture reading & songs which reflected God’s love for His people through the sacrificial love of Christ.  Please continue to pray for the choir as they decide on future plans to be more involved in the regular worship services.  

- Thank God also for the new folks who have joined the worship ministry or have also expressed keen interest in joining the team.  Please continue to pray that they will serve with joy and that God will use them mightily in their service to our church.

- Please pray for the upcoming mission month as the worship team works together with the missions committee to look at preparing for the Sunday services & choosing songs that will encourage more mission mindedness among our congregation & remind us of our God given mission of the great commission.



Gracehaven Outreach on 19 May 2018

Pray for

- Enthusiasm & energy for Song Huat’s CG that is leading the activity.

- God's guidance on the talk.

- Good bonding between all participants.

- Opportunities to show the love of Christ & the gospel.

- Open hearts to the gospel and what God has to say.

- All the logistics for the activities will go smoothly.

- Good weather for the outdoor games.

- Good health of all involved, especially the kids.


Tuition and Reading Club

Pray for

- God’s enabling for all teachers to persevere in service with love, patience, wisdom & joy.

- Continual opportunities to minister and reach out to students and their families.

- Students to be motivated to learn & improve with consistency.

- Students to be punctual and have good attendance.


2Gs Lunchbyte on 14 Apr 2018

- Thank God for the clear testimonies by Mok Chok Sun & Yap Kim Meng that were well received.

- Thank God for all participants who heard the testimonies and gospel message by Lai Jit Meng and interpretation by Paul Wu.

- Thank God for His provision and enabling for the smooth running of the event.

- Praise God for giving us such wonderful facilities in GBC and good access via public transport.

- Pray that the seed that is planted will fall on good soil and grow.

- Pray that we will learn from this event to participate in God given opportunities to further His kingdom and be good stewards of His provision.