Picnic at Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

Chuan Hao shares his reflections on the GBC family picnic at Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden that happened last month.

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Time was going to be tight. To get the kids going early in the morning to reach Jacob Ballas’ Children’s Garden by 8 am was no small feat, especially on “sleep-in” Saturday (i.e. no enrichment classes). But with all of them excited at the prospect of spending time with their Sunday School friends at their favourite park, they were only too eager to please.

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It was a most enjoyable morning. Siew Ting greeted us with a bright smile at the entrance and Jo Keow led worship (where I learnt a new word – “umption” in my gumption). The youth brought us through some natural disasters (we played Hunter, Fire, Earthquake) and the initiative-building game of “search-and-ask-for-things” with parents not-so-discreetly assisting in the background (“I need 2 driving licenses!”). Pastor Bobby shared God's word with us. Overall, with lots of shade and wind and only a little rain, and many tasty morsels of food, it was a wonderful time.

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More importantly, the children got to interact with big "Kor Kors" and "Jie Jies", get cushioned by a grandpa after going too fast down a slide, and chase other children around the grounds of Singapore’s latest and only contribution to the world's stash of UNESCO Heritage Sites. They got to experience first-hand how a church comes together to demonstrate love to one other, building a community with generosity and selflessness, and truly enjoying each other’s company and fellowship across all age groups.

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It was the Perfect End to the Holidays, and a Great Start to the new school term. I am looking forward to the next one.