PFOA: Habbakuk 2

In Chapter 1, Habakkuk complained that God did not seem to care for the sufferings of the people of Israel. God's answer was something Habakkuk neither hoped for nor expected, "Things are going to get worse, Israel will be judged and punished by Babylon."

This prompted a further complaint from the prophet, "Why does God use a more evil and sinful nation like Babylon to punish His own people Israel?" Have you ever felt like that? You were going through a tough time. Yet while you were praying to God, asking for help and deliverance the situation actually got worse. You were doing everything to get God's attention, to plea with Him.Yet God didn't seem to hear nor care; it appeared as if He is not doing anything.

Martin Luther felt that way too. He was burdened by the awareness of his sin. As a monk and Catholic priest he sought forgiveness and mercy from God through prayer, confession, fasting and the many rituals and liturgies of the Church. Yet he did not get any relief. In Rome there is a set of 28 white marble steps called the Lateran staircase which, according to tradition once belonged to the palace of Pilate at Jerusalem. Pilgrims would pray and climb the steps on their knees hoping to attain forgiveness of sins. In 1517, Luther was doing just that when he suddenly remembered Habakkuk 2:4, which is quoted by Paul in Romans 1:17 "The just shall live by faith". Later Luther wrote, "The just shall live by faith! The just shall live by faith!" then I felt born again like a new man; I entered through the open doors into the very Paradise of God."

On October 31 of that year, he wrote and nailed the "95 Thesis" on the door of the Wittenburg, Germany church, signaling the beginning of the Reformation. Each year, Reformation Sunday is celebrated on the last Sunday of October to commemorate the the birth of the Protestant church and the supreme authority of Biblical truths over the traditions of man.

The just shall live by faith - faith in God who is sovereign, is in absolute control, a control that expresses His love for mankind, that none might perish, but for all to hear the gospel proclaimed, and by faith received. He does hear, he does see, and He will act in the best interest of those who know and love him, Romans 8:28.

Have faith in God.