Pastors & Elders Devotional Reflections - 19 Feb 2014

Pastors Elders Devo ReflectionsEach Wednesday Pastors and Elders Prayer Meeting begins with devotional sharing. This is an inaugural blog post to share some of the devotional reflections of our spiritual leaders during these weekly prayer time.

Elder Cheow Loon has been reflecting on the book of Nehemiah. He was underlining passages where Nehemiah's prayers were noted. It was obvious that Nehemiah was a man of prayer. Furthermore, he encouraged and mobilized others to pray as well. As we go through this period of bringing the church to the possibility of church rebuilding, we need to be in constant prayer as well as mobilizing members to pray.

An elder shares how he has been fasting and praying during this time. As a result he has been having more prayer times. At the same time, he has found there have been more challenges in his life.

Elder Chong Tien has felt the same. He has been burdened to pray more. As he prays, he senses that it helps him to see more clearly what issues are important and thus needed to be dealt with. There's a greater sense of assurance in the Lord's leading. He sees the joint Prayer Meetings with both congregations as part of church-wide prayer mobilization and opportunities for people to share their testimonies. Ω