Wednesday Evening Men's Bible Study

In this interview with Eric Lui about the new Men's Bible Study, we learn about what to expect and why God gave him a passion for men's ministry, Bible study and 1 Thessalonians.

1. Hi Eric, you joined us relatively recently. Could you share a bit about yourself and what excites you about this new group you’re starting for the men of GBC?

Although I am relatively new, I have come to interact with members as if I have known them for many years. By forming a Bible study group among male members, I hope to have a deeper level of intimacy with them and be able to share my love for God’s word with them. I have chosen 1 Thessalonians to start with because I want us to share Paul’s passion and love for his church in Thessalonica. 

2. From your personal experience, why is it so important for men to gather together to study the Bible?

Why is it so important for men to gather together to study the Bible? Men tend to be caught up with the busyness of life more than women. Therefore, they require more encouragement to set aside time to study the Bible. But as we are drawn to the honeycomb because of the sweetness of the honey, it is a matter of overcoming the initial reluctance before we start to taste the sweetness of God’s words.

3. What can we look forward to 1 Thessalonians, and why did you choose this book to be studied?

I chose 1 Thessalonians because it is rather short with 5 chapters. But at the same time, it covers a whole range of biblical doctrines, such as the power of the Holy Spirit to convict new believers in the faith and to withstand persecution, the love for one another, and most importantly, the second coming of Christ.

4. What should someone attending the sessions expect to experience, or what will this new Bible study be like?

As in any group where Christians get together to study God’s word, we hope to strengthen each other in our faith, share the joy of the Holy Spirit enlightening us with the Word and to come to know the will of God, and most importantly, we want to cultivate a deeper friendship and sharing with each other and to be accountable to each other.

5. How can we pray for you and this new area of ministry?

Pray for us that more men will come, that His Holy Spirit will infuse us with a deeper love for God’s word, as a lover pines to hear the words of his beloved, and most importantly, be doers of His word instead of just listeners of His word.


This weekly Men's Bible Study will start this evening (Wed, 8 Aug) at 6.30pm in church (Fellowship Hall), followed by dinner at 7.30pm.