Love Like This

What is our love like? Pastor Ian shares with us what the love of God looks like.

I was immature. So it took me about 25 years before I realised that I could never repay my mum for all of the affection she had lavished upon me. Nor did she expect it. A mother’s love is that way. It is sacrificial and non-transactional.  

However when my wife Sherri came into the family, she quickly realised that my mother’s unconditional love was limited in scope. It was limited to those for whom she had cried and prayed for. Unlike me, Sherri had to earn her affection. And I am grateful she did!  

God‘s love for us is like a mother‘s love but so much broader and deeper, and greater. When Christ died, He did so for the world, not just for the Church. When He interceded, He did so for His enemies, not just for His friends. And when He “went about doing good" (Acts 10:38), He didn’t just do good to those who followed him. His “goodness” was made available to all.  

Lately, I have been so grateful for the group of GBCers who have been modelling the unconditional love of Christ to the girls and workers of Gladiola’s Home across the road. They have been doing good in Jesus’ name, and they have been doing so among those who cannot hope return favour or add value to our ministries. They are simply allowing their unconditional service to put the love of Christ on glorious display. Surely the Apostle John would have been pleased!  


love-unconditional-2love-unconditional-3 As we gather together for worship this Sunday we will come to a transition point in “John’s love letter” to the persecuted church. Do make plans to join us as we dig deep into 1 John 5:1-5 and discover how His love leads to our faith which ultimately gives us victory!  

Prayers this Week: 

  • On behalf of the Grace family, we wish to extend our deepest condolences to Pastor Eugene and family as this past Wednesday his grandmother was called home to be with the Lord. We grieve, but not as those who are without hope!
  • We joyfully celebrate the marriage of Glen and Ruth Ng this past Saturday. Let us remember to pray for all the newly married couples with whom God has blessed our church family, that their relationships will be a faithful platform for His gospel!
  • Let us remember those students who are sitting for exams. Specifically ask that God would give peace and clarity and that He would receive glory from the efforts of Benedict Seah, Caleb Lee, Lianna Chan, Euodia Chi, and Jonan Yap.
  • Let us pray for each other, that we would each look for specific ways to intentionally love each other as we have been loved.