Introducing “Singing God’s Love in God’s Word”

Last Sunday, the Children Ministry introduced a CD project that they have been working on since last year: “Singing God’s Love in God’s Word”. We are so encouraged by how God is working among and in our children and we pray that they will continue to enjoy singing and meditating on God's Word.

“Singing God’s Love in God’s Word” CD project was first hatched in May last year, but we only started practice in February this year. The CD includes 16 memory verses that we have taught the children in Junior Church, and a narrative which was put together to share the gospel in song. We are pleased to announce that we will be able to release our CD soon.

As you can see from the video it was really hard work. We met up on many Saturdays and Sundays to practise. The most challenging part was in finding a common time when all the children in the choir were available for recording. We found two slots and did our recording in 9 hours and sang some of the songs more than 10 times. Although it was very tiring, we persevered and sang to the best of our ability knowing that we were doing it for God. By God’s grace, we were able to complete the recording.

As the CDs have not arrived, we are inviting church members to pre-order. You can order the songs in CD or USB  form, because we were told by many that they don’t have CD players at home anymore. We hope that many young people, even children, will want to buy this for their friends who do not know Jesus as the narratives were written with them in mind, although we are sure the adults will enjoy it too. So we have decided to price the CD at $20 to keep it very affordable especially for the children and the youths. You can just skip four McDonald’s meals to buy this CD.

For the adults, if you wish to contribute more than $20 for the CD, we will be very grateful and greatly encouraged since all proceeds will go to the Church Rebuilding Fund. We will be glad to be able to raise more funds. This CD will also help you and your friends memorise 16 scripture verses word for word, and with reference, within a month - guaranteed. If you are still not convinced or unsure whether to buy the CD, you can email to find out more or have a listen to more of the songs.

We are reminded that this project is not just to sing and raise funds, it is really to tell others the love story of God for us. We want to share this with as many people as we can.