Interview with CC Lee: Leading, serving and growing in a CG

Long-time member Lee Chung Cheong has been with GBC since 1966, and he shares with us how Care Groups and smaller community groups have been such an encouragement to him over the years. 

1. Could you share with us which CG you are in and how long you have been with this CG?

My wife Kat and I are in Elder Tan Chong Tien's Care Group, and we have been with our current group for the past 7 years.

2. As one who has been with GBC for many years, how have regular meetings to study the word as a CG helped in your own walk with God?

With the current structure that we now have in the Care Group Ministry, all Care Groups are studying from the same materials that are often an expansion and application from our Sunday Worship sermons. I have found that these studies have helped me to have a deeper understanding of our Sunday messages and how it applies in daily life. During CG meetings too, I enjoy the opportunities to hear of the different ways and circumstances that God uses to work in the lives of my Care Group members.

3. I understand that you co-lead Bible studies in your CG now. In what ways has God used this to minister to those in your CG, as well as to you?

Personally, every time I have to lead , I will have to study the passage several times and with the help of commentaries, study guides and relevant books, go deeper into passage to see what the Lord has to teach me. This has enforced discipline for me in studying His Word, and to apply the principles learnt to my own life. As and when appropriate I will use these lessons learnt to share in our CG discussions and trust that God will minister to the others accordingly.

I take part in leading CG studies because having been ministered to all these years, it is my responsibility to do my part in the ministry. Yes, it does require some time and effort, but the returns are great! It is indeed a joy to dig deeper into His Word and see how others can also be blessed through our fellowship in the Word.

4.Some people are hesitant to join a CG or lead a CG because of various reasons, such as the fear that it will take too much time, or that they are not equipped to lead. What words of encouragement could you provide to us?

Care Groups typically meet once in 2 weeks for about 2 hours. It requires some effort on our part to carve out this time. You do not need that much preparation save studying the passage to be discussed. Our Care Group Ministry has done a very good job for providing us the discussion materials and these are made readily available. These sacrifices pale in comparison to the tremendous returns of being with God's people, studying His Word together, sharing how the Word impacts our lives and as a group pray and care for one another. 

In a church of our size, it is also sometimes difficult to get to know people deeply. Care Groups are good platforms for us to know one another, have a more intimate fellowship, and build up one another! This was my own experience! I remembered when I first visited GBC as an undergraduate in 1966, I was welcomed and made to feel at home by a group of brothers like Jimmy Chan, William Lenn, Chan Kong Wah, Fock Siew Wah and others. Because of their care and friendship, I stayed on and become part of our GBC family, even till today. That is a long, long time ago! But such is the power of the community and it is necessary for the growth of our faith too. 


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