Grace Together: Romans 1:1-7

This Sunday, we will launch our study into Romans. Pastor Ian gives a brief introduction to this “very purest Gospel”.

In AD 57, the Apostle Paul was in the middle of what would be his final missionary journey when he heard of a simmering conflict developing in the church in Rome. Jewish Christians who had been forced out of Rome under the reign of the Emperor Claudius, were beginning to trickle back into the city which was now under the administration of his nephew, Nero. These Jewish believers also returned to the church they had left, only to find new leaders had taken their place, who were younger—and worse—Gentile. The cultural gap had the potential to create deep division. So in response, Paul sat down where he was in Corinth and wrote them a letter that we now know as the book of Romans. His primary purpose was to call believers who came from diverse cultural backgrounds to embrace a common gospel content and a common gospel culture.  

I confess that my esteem for the book of Romans has often fallen far short of the bar established by Martin Luther. In 1513, he wrote, “This Epistle is really the chief part of the New Testament and the very purest Gospel, and is worthy not only that every Christian should know it word for word, by heart, but occupy himself with it every day, as the daily bread of the soul. It can never be read or pondered too much, and the more it is dealt with the more precious it becomes, and the better it tastes.” 

This Sunday, we will launch our study into the “very purest Gospel” as we too seek to embrace a common gospel content and culture. Let me encourage you to read Romans 1:1-7 as we begin by looking at the “Gift of the Gospel”. 

Coming Up:

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  • Christian Parenting Group will continue this Sunday on Level 5 at 11am.
  • This Sunday we will also be celebrating our 2nd Newcomers Lunch at 11:30am, in room 310. This affords opportunity for newcomers to get to know our church and leadership better. Space is limited so, if you would like to come to get to know some of the folks who have been visiting Grace, please contact the office to book.

If you would like to understand more of what we believe the church is, and what we believe as a church, make plans to attend “Church Matters” which begins next Sunday, 11am in Room 310.