Grace Together in Prayer (26 October 2018)


26 October 2018



  • Pray for tomorrow (Oct 27)’s REFORMATION CONCERT – PSALMS – GRACE THAT SINGS. 
    • Thank God for the hard work of the choir and musicians since the end of July. Thank God for the many opportunities to get to know other members in this church.
    • Thank God for the concert preview last Sunday.  Pray for the choir and musicians, that the truths in the lyrics will take root in their hearts even as they prepare for the concert this Saturday. Pray that they will be united in Christ as they make music together to sing the Psalms that speaks of God’s grace and love. Pray also for good health in the week leading up to the concert.
    • Thank God for the enthusiasm of the church as we have given out all our tickets! Pray for the hearts of all who will attend that God will soften their hearts to be ministered through the songs.
    • Thank God for members that have stepped up to help in the logistics and administrative matters. Pray that the various aspects of the concert (ushering, parking, ticketing, PowerPoint, design, etc) will go smoothly and that the people involved will serve with joy. Pray that GBC members will be friendly and welcoming to guests on the day of the concert.
  • Pray for the CHILDREN MINISTRY as they look for new teachers to disciple the children among us. These new teachers will take over some of the classes next year.
  • Pray for the CHURCH CAMP 2019 (12-15 JUNE 2019):
    • That more members would set aside time to participate in the forthcoming church camp.
    • For the pastors as they facilitate materials for the discussions at camp.
    • For the camp committee, as they get into the nitty gritty of finalising programs, so members would be inspired to exercise their responsibilities, when they return from the camp.



  • Pray for God’s word to grow in the life of GBC: at our Sunday services, in our CGs, in our classes and in various small groups. Pray that those who preach and teach will be faithful in understanding and applying the Scriptures. Pray for fruit from our sermon series in 1 John.
  • Pray that more GBCers would meet up during the week to encourage one another in the Word and prayer.
  • Pray that GBC would enjoy a deeper unity that is founded upon God’s truth.
  • Pray for wisdom as the CHILDREN'S MINISTRY looks for a new curriculum that will speak to not just the children but also the parents and teachers too.



  • Pray 1 Thessalonians 3:12-13 for all of GBC’s members, that the Lord make us “increase and abound in love for one another and for all”. Pray for a deepening culture of loving discipleship in the church, whereby we actively encourage one another towards growing in Christ-like character and maturity.
  • Pray for the NEW MEMBERS who have recently joined us, that they will be able to connect with other members and develop deeper relationships. The new members are: Emily Chan, Ng Jian Hui, Samuel Tan, Patrick and Grace Lee, Yanadi and Fellisia Soetanto, Hewlett Chew, Stanley Yin, Margaret Soh, Stephen Wong and Gek Noi, and Aaron and Alicia Ng.
  • Pray for the CHILDREN, TEACHERS AND MINISTRY as they welcome new teachers and as they hold their end of year meeting to pray for the children and one another.
  • Pray for our YOUNG ADULTS as they meet in small groups to study the book of 1 John. Pray that their relationships will deepen as they are asked practical questions about how they can love one another and the church. Pray for young adults who are overwhelmed with school and life, that they will make church and spiritual matters a priority and that in some cases, that they will be called out of idolatrous living. Pray for the leaders of the young adults who struggle with criticism, disappointment and rejection in ministry.
  • Pray for our YOUTHS who are going through and preparing for their “O” and “A” level exams. Pray for those who have finished their exams, that they would use their holidays fruitfully reading God's word and applying it to their lives. Pray also for the youth leaders, many of whom are currently going through busy seasons at school, work, and at home.



    • God's direction for Wei Quan & George’s CGs to plan and execute an outing to Coney Island on 17 November.
    • All obstacles to be removed for the children to attend the outing.
    • Children's hearts are prepared to receive God's word.
    • A joyful and safe outing for all participants with great fellowship and witnessing.
    • Fine weather.
    • A good holiday break for all teachers and students.
    • God's guidance and wisdom for this ministry in 2019.
    • Children will be eager to come back in 2019.
    • Provision of young adults to join this ministry in 2019.
    • Opportunities to sow seeds in these young lives.
  • Pray for the TUESDAY ENQUIRY GROUP. Specifically:
    • Thank God for the faithfulness of leaders who press on in midweek ministry, often rushing down from work. Pray that God would sustain them for the last 4 sessions of the year.
    • We continue to give thanks that unbelievers like X have come to us. Pray that at the right time, his heart will be open to Jesus Christ. Pray that more church members, especially working adults will be inspired to share the gospel with their friends and take bold action.
    • Pray also for doubting believers who have come to TEG like I, G, K and J. Pray that more Christians will be honest about their struggles and find ways to fortify their doubts with faith.
  • Pray for the YOUNG ADULTS’ upcoming evangelistic event in November based on the theme of friendship and relationships. Pray that our young adults will be brave to invite their friends, that God would draw them to come to the event, and that the gospel will be proclaimed effectively. Join us in asking God boldly for conversions among the lost by His Spirit’s power.
  • Pray for the SEEK AND DISCOVER MINISTRYas it conducts the third run of the Christianity Explored class, which is currently ongoing. Pray specifically for :
    • Seng Guan and Karen who are running the class. Pray that they will have wisdom to understand and address concerns of attendees, and preach the Gospel clearly and in a relevant way.
    • The attendees of the ongoing class, whether non-Christians or young Christians, that the Holy Spirit will open their hearts and minds to receive God's word and the gospel. Pray that they will not just understand but also truly believe what they hear, and come to see how wonderful God is. 
    • The attendees of the previous two runs of Christianity Explored, that God will continue to work in their lives. Pray that the Seek and Discover team will have wisdom and perseverance to follow up with them, and they will eventually come to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. 
  • Pray for MISSIONS:
  • Earth Quake in Palu - Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
    • Nearly 2000 were killed and thousands more are missing in Palu, Sulawesi from the twin disasters of earthquake and tsunami in late September.
    • Missionaries, both foreign and national and their families based in Palu are now known to be safe and have been evacuated to Makassar in South Sulawesi by planes by Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and the military. Some had spent several days living in tents and trekking several many hours to get to Palu airport. They are housed with churches in Makassar and Indonesian.
    • Pray for the displaced missionaries to be strengthened in the Lord and that they will be taken care of and be able to continue to serve the Lord in their respective fields. Pray that they will be a pillar of strength to the locals through their faith and trust in the Lord.
    • GKID, the Protestant Church of Donggala is based in Palu. A number of their synod leaders are still unaccounted for. The training centre, where over 100 young people were having a Bible Camp collapsed and was swept away. So far 30-40 bodies were recovered. Pray for the parents who lost their children during the camp, that they will find comfort that their children are in the presence of our Lord.
    • GKST, the Protestant Church of Central Sulewasi have their offices in Tentena which is up in the mountain area and were relatively unaffected.

Both churches have lost many members and are helping with relief. The main needs are for rice, clean water and fuel for transportation. Many roads are damaged and closed. We pray for the situation here and that reliefs will reach them quickly.

  • Ping and Heidi - Wycliffe
    • They are safe in Luwuk, West Sulawesi. They are working with NTM and MAF to send supplies to Palu and evacuating people to Luwuk on the return trips. They are providing hospitality to evacuated families. YMP3, the mission agency sponsoring their work in Luwuk have sent 300 water filters to Palu.
    • Pray that Ping and Heidi will be effective in their ministry to all who come into contact with them during this period.
    • The relief and reconstruction of Palu will be a long process and is hindered by armed dissidents active in the region.
    • Pray for the people who have suffered loss of family and friends. Many have lost their homes and possessions totally.
    • Pray for the churches and Christians there that they may the “Salt” that heal and preserve and the “Light” that guides to the loving God.
    • Grace Baptist Church is donating $10,000 for the disaster relief. Pray that the funds will be deployed properly in the most needed areas.
  • Yap Kim Meng and Goh Beow Kheng - Navigators
    • They will be away in KL from Wed 24 Oct to Thurs 1 Nov for 2 sets of Asia Pacific Nav regional meetings with14 staff spread over these 2 different sets - Country Leaders Conference 24-29 Oct and a Buddhist Network Forum 29 Oct to 1 Nov. 
    • Pray for safety in their travels as part of the journey is by van. Pray for a God- focused time together with the rest of the participants from the regions and meaningful interaction on reaching out to mainstream Buddhists.
    • Uphold Beow Kheng in prayer as she is called upon to lead a group for the many different sessions during the country leaders’ conference. They have lots on the plate before and after these meetings as well.