Grace Together in Prayer for 22 February 2019


22 February 2019



Thank God for the NEW ELDERS AND DEACONS. Pray for God to strengthen the elders and deacons to be faithful in their lives and ministry, as they serve the body of Christ.

Thank God for the fruitful time at the WORSHIP MINISTRY’S recent meeting with the worship, AV, projection, choir teams where we went through the various aspects of our ministry, including SOPs, direction for 2019 as well as taking feedback from the team on how we can improve and encourage worship at GBC. 

  • Pray for unity within the entire worship team and that they continue to serve with joy. 
  • Pray for the team to look for opportunities to serve one another by developing discipling relationships that help each other grow in Christ-likeness.
  • Pray for the team as they plan and prepare for the upcoming Good Friday & Easter services, including the choir.

Pray for the CHURCH CAMP 2019 (12 – 15 JUNE 2019)

  • As camp registrations will close by end of March, we pray more GBC members will sign up early, to facilitate the coordination with the hotel.
  • Pray for the planning committee, as it is about 3 months, before camp starts!
  • Pray the numbers would come in early, as it would help tremendously....and may God's name be glorified in all we do.

Pray for the OVERSEAS STUDENTS that they would have a community to join and for relationships to grow with as well. Pray for discipling relationships as they also share their faith in a foreign land. Pray for us as we also keep up and check in with them, that even though they are far away we would still pray and care for them.

We thank God for the many younger members who have stepped up to devote their time to instructing the CHILDREN in the ways of the Lord. We thank God too for the older teachers who continue to mentor their younger ministry members both in their teaching skills but also spiritually. We pray that God will bless them with patience to love the children as instructed by our Lord.

Pray for the YOUTH

  • Please be praying for those who will be receiving their A level results on 22 Feb - Caleb Lee, Benedict Seah, Alphonsus Low, Joann Wong and Jonan Yap.
  • Please be praying for our evangelistic event to be held on 22 March, where we'll be inviting a speaker to answer questions about Christianity (please also do spread the word to any youth you think may be interested!). Please pray for boldness for the youth who are inviting their friends, as well as for strength & wisdom for the organisers Benedict and Caleb.

Pray for Grace Baptist Church CG MINISTRY we seek to disciple our members in small groups in the Word, encouraging them to be rooted in the gospel and to apply the gospel in our relationships.

Give thanks for the good participation in our CLOBs sessions. Pray for our monthly CLOBs sessions that we will come humbly to learn from God's Word together. Pray that our CG Leaders be equipped to teach & lead our CGs well. Pray also for God's sustaining grace as our CG leaders serve in shepherding our CGs.

  • Pray for our CG members as we regularly meet up in our CGs. Give thanks that over 60% of our members are in CGs. Pray for the building of good relationships with one another in our CGs. Pray that we would help one another, in truth and love, to grow towards Christ-likeness.
  • Pray that we as "Grace together" grow as a church community that applies the grace of the gospel in our life together as a church.



  • Pray that God’s Word will bear good fruit in our lives, as we listen together to the Scriptures preached on Sundays. Pray that God would grow us in the grace and knowledge of His Son.
  • Pray for fruit from the monthly EQUIP sessions, that GBCers will be better able to understand and apply God’s Word.
  • Pray for our CHILDREN MINISTRY’S TEACHERS, as they seek to apply the lesson they teach to their lives and to make them applicable to those of the children.
  • Pray for the YOUNG ADULTS as we continue our year long study in Romans with the rest of the church, that we will sink deep roots in God's Word. Pray that the Word will shape our convictions and that we may say with Paul that we are not ashamed of the gospel. Pray that we will also raise more godly young adults who are able to handle and teach God's Word.



  • Pray for the MEMBERS OF GBC, that God will enable us to cultivate life-giving friendships with one another. Pray that we will be mutually encouraged by one another’s faith, as we share life together in the body of Christ. Pray that NEW MEMBERS will be able to settle well and get connected with others.
  • Pray for the YOUNG ADULTS as God brings more and more young visitors to our church. Pray that we take personal responsibility to reach out to them, and that we will be faithful in following up with them. Pray that God will soften hearts and call them to Himself through His church. Pray that our relationships would show Christ in all that we do.
  • The CHILDREN'S MINISTRY is planning an outing for the children on March 16. Please pray for good weather, open hearts, listening ears as we start a new year hoping to build a community amongst the children but also amongst those who are ministering to them.



  • Pray for our GOSPEL WITNESS, that we will be faithful to speak of Jesus in their families, schools and workplaces. Pray that our lives in the world will reflect the grace of Christ.
  •  Pray for the team running the TUESDAY ENQUIRY group as they plan this effort for 2019. Pray for faithfulness in service, boldness in planning, and humility in loving those we want to reach. Pray that we will hold out the gospel and trust God for fruit.
  • Pray for the SEEK AND DISCOVER team as they prepare to start a new cycle of evangelistic Bible studies. The first series of studies will run from April to May, and the second will be conducted from October to November. Do pray for the progress of the gospel.
  • Pray for the YOUNG ADULTS as they seriously consider who to invite for the upcoming evangelism event on 23rd March. Pray for the boldness and wisdom to invite friends who would come to listen and really consider God. Pray that they would also consider what sparks joy & really motivates them in their life.
  • A core group of volunteers has committed to planning for VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL 2019 from 27-29 November. We pray for volunteers to be team leaders and station managers.  
  • Pray for Grace Baptist Church to grow in reflecting God's compassion & loving-kindness to OUR NEIGHBOURS AND COMMUNITY. Pray that we will be motivated to invest in building relationships for gospel outcomes. Pray for us that through these various compassion ministry platforms, God will strengthen relationships that serve as opportunities for telling the gospel.
  • Give thanks for our ongoing partnership with GRACEHAVEN this year - we shall be helping with their monthly family service. Pray for our first family service this year on Thursday 28 February. Pray for the estimated 50 plus children present that they will give attention to our talk and be open to building relationships. Pray for our volunteers to be full of grace and compassion & wisdom as we interact with the children; and for God to sustain us as we serve GraceHaven.
  • Give thanks for our new collaboration with GLADIOLUS PLACE this year - we are working on various ways to help our immediate neighbour across the road. Pray for our ongoing efforts to care for and to build relationships with the girls. Pray for the staff at Gladiolus Place as they prepare to be assessed and accredited again this year. Pray also for the talk by Gladiolus Place at GBC on Sunday 10 March: pray for good support by folks from GBC.
  • Give thanks for our TUITION MINISTRY and the faithfulness of our teachers. We give thanks for the 15 or so children that are coming and pray that they will be motivated. Give thanks for the teachers: many who come straight after work to serve and care for the children. Pray for God's sustaining grace & joy as they serve.



BARNABAS LIN - InterVarsity Fellowship USA

Ministry: As the Urbana conference is over, Barnabas’ next assignment will be serving part-time in InterVarsity’s Asian American Ministries nationally by helping to develop the Asian-American campus ministers theologically.

Seminary: Barnabas has been accepted to Fuller Theological Seminary’s MDiv program to complete his Masters of Divinity. He would leave Chicago at the end of March for California, to focus on finishing up seminary full-time.

  • Pray for Frozen Pipes, Insurance & Reconstruction: The blistering cold has burst a pipe in his apartment flooding the basement. Please pray for efficient & effective contractors who are able to get the work done quickly within the next four weeks and that the claim against insurance will be approved.
  • Scholarship for Fuller and Transfer Credits: He has applied for several scholarships so pray that they will be approved.
  • Upcoming Speaking Engagements: He will be preaching in the last few weeks in Chicago. Please pray for inspiration & creativity, wisdom & discernment. 

February 19 - “The Power of Empathy & Proximity” for The Equitable Support Raising Conference.

February 28 - “Reclaiming Our Imaginative Agency” at InterVarsity’s Asian American Staff Conference.

March 8 - “How Do We Care About the World as Asian American Christians?” at the University of Chicago.



  • We thank God that Deborah was able to be back in Singapore during the Chinese New Year period to visit with her aging parents. Pray for her parents’ health & that she will trust God and not worry about them.
  • Her luggage was misplaced on her way back to Cambodia. Pray that our missionaries will learn to trust God whenever they face obstacles in the field for their faith to be strengthened.



  • Their co-workers Bob & Cecilia are returning in March from the US. Cecilia’s cancer treatment went very well. Please pray that God will strengthen them physically & spiritually for their return to ministry.
  • The books of Ruth & Esther have been checked are waiting to be published online or as mobile apps the right time. The translation team is now translating another book of the bible. Heidi has been very busy analyzing & writing up the Saluan grammar for the team. Eventually the grammar manual will also be shared online as well as with the government for helping Saluan language teachers.
  • Ping is still studying the Saluan language & Heidi’s grammar report has been a big help to understand the language better. At the same time, Ping is acquiring new programs & technologies to publish, promote & teach Saluan spiritual material online in anticipation of a new generation of Saluan believers who will have access to the Internet.
  • The Saluan dictionary has already almost 8,000 downloads and they are very glad to see the government actively promoting the Saluan language in schools. Hundreds of printed copies of the dictionary have also been distributed along with the language curriculum to schools in remote Saluan villages. Prayerfully, this region-wide language revival will prepare many hearts to receive the good news in their heart language someday.
  • An anonymous donor from their church in Switzerland wanted to help the recent earthquake and tsunami victims in Palu. So as a family they had an opportunity to visit a disaster area and hand out the financial help a small group of needy people.
  • Sarah, their children’s’ home school teacher is back and will help them till they return to Switzerland in mid-July 2019. Their boys enjoy being taught by Sarah and their Swiss-German language is improving. Please pray that their children will be able to find a school willing to accept them when they go on furlough for a few months. This is a big help for their children to integrate back into Switzerland when they have to return someday.
  • Praise the Lord that their 5-year visas have been finally approved.


ESTHER - Wycliffe

Esther will continue her ministry (where she had her first field assignment from 2016 to 2017). She is seconded to the same faith-based organization that she was attached to before. She will be translating the Scripture into one of the local languages. Her role now is focused on raising awareness of available translated portions & encouraging the local church and community to use them in meaningful ways.

She has moved to her place of ministry on 10 Feb, and will be staying with a friend for a couple of months while she looks for a place to rent long term.

  • Give thanks for the time God gave her to spend with her family, friends & church community. Her sister got married last December, and she is glad that she got to celebrate it with her.
  • Give thanks that her assignment for the next 2 years is decided. Pray for a smooth transition to new situations and that she will work well with her new teammates.
  • Pray that she will cultivate meaningful relationships with other believers at church.
  • Pray that she will find suitable housing that meets her needs.
  • Pray that she will complete and submit her MA thesis on time.