Grace Together in Prayer


Prayer Meeting: 28 September 2018




  • Pray for our SUNDAY SERVICES, as we gather as a church. May God use these regular gatherings to encourage and build up His church in His word. Pray also that we will continue to be actively welcoming visitors. We thank God for bringing newcomers to us!
  • We praise and thank God for the NEW MEMBERS he is adding to us. Their lives testify to God’s amazing love and grace. We have an important stewardship from God to disciple these new members and to grow with them towards Christ-like maturity. Pray that these new members will remain rooted in Christ, continue to grow in community, and pursue holiness above all else.
  • Pray for the upcoming REFORMATION CONCERT: PSALMS—GRACE THAT SINGS. Pray specifically that:
    • The choir and musicians will prepare well during the coming month before the concert, and that they will be united in Christ as they make music together to sing the Psalms that speaks of God’s grace and love. 
    • We will be intentional in inviting our friends and family to the concert that those invited would be able to come and be ministered through the songs.
    • The various aspects of the concert (ushering, parking, ticketing, PowerPoint, design, etc) will go on smoothly and that the people involved will serve with joy as one body serving Him for His glory.
    • We as a WORSHIP MINISTRY will continue to help each other grow deeper in the faith as we serve the wider church community through music each week. We also thank God for many new members of our church and some have started to serve in the worship ministry as well.

 Pray for the CHURCH CAMP 2019 (June 12-15). Pray that:

    • We as a church will set aside time to get to know one another in a deeper way at camp, and to encourage one another in our walk with God.
    • We will have a spiritually refreshing and fruitful time at camp. May God strengthen our hearts as we spend time away with one another.
    • The camp committee will have wisdom to organize the camp in a God-honouring way.



  • Pray for the regular preaching and teaching of God’s word, in our Sunday services, classes, CGs, Bible study groups, and in our individual meet-ups with one another. May God cause his word to take root in our hearts and bear fruit in our lives.



  • Pray that our relationships with one another, as fellow members of GBC, will reflect the loving and gracious character of God and be the aroma of Christ to others around us.
  • Pray for our CHILDREN, that they will have open hearts to not just their parents, but also those who teach them the word. Pray that we, as a church, will be committed to discipling the young ones whom God has entrusted to us.  
    • Pray for the children who will be taking their end-year exams and some who will be doing the PSLE. They and their families face a lot of stress. Pray for their health and also that they remember this is but just one of many life's experiences and that the results do not define who they are in God's eyes.
  • Pray for our YOUTH who are entering the exam period, that they would be able to do their best while understanding the place of exams in their relationship with God. Pray for the YOUTH LEADERS, many of whom are entering busy periods in work/school, that they would have the energy to complete their tasks while having the discipline to say "no" when necessary.



  • Pray that we will continue to work together and strive side-by-side for the advance of the gospel in Singapore and beyond. Pray for the gospel to be clearly and faithfully preached every Sunday, and for God’s Spirit to open hearts to receive His word. Pray for faithfulness in personal evangelism, that we will be bold and winsome in speaking of Jesus to our families and friends of Jesus. 
  • Pray for the SEEK AND DISCOVER MINISTRY, which will be conducting Christianity Explored for the third time this year. Pray specifically for:
    • Seng Guan & Karen who are running the class. Pray that they will have wisdom to listen and to address concerns of attendees & preach the Gospel clearly.
    • The attendees of the third run, whether non-Christians or young Christians, that God will work in them, and they will come with open hearts & minds to receive God's word. Pray that they will not just understand but also believe what they hear. 
    • The attendees of the previous runs of Christianity Explored, that God will continue to work on their lives, the Seek and Discover team will know how best to follow up with them, and they will eventually come to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. 

        Give thanks for the last outing at Tiong Bahru on 8 Sep.  It started with a wet              morning with a dark sky.  It was amazing that God cleared the sky to allow a                cool morning walk with Bruce Mok's interesting history of Tiong Bahru. Although,          only the girls turned up, they enjoyed the walk and were very attentive to the              story of Ruth by Hannah and Helen.  May the seeds sowed grow and multiply.

  • Pray for the next outing on 17 Nov.  God will inspire Wei Quan and George’s CG to plan & organise the activities and message that will minister to the children.
  • Pray for the family service on the last Thursday of every month, that God will provide & enable the speaker to minister His words to the children and house parents. Also, that GBC members attending the service will be able to seize opportunities during their interaction & share as God leads.
  • Pray for the TUITION AND READING CLUB MINISTRY, that God will strengthen our teachers & helpers that their service will be effective, that they will find encouragement & joy in His service, and that the children and their family members will be drawn to Christ.
    • Pray for the students that are in the midst of PSLE for good health & concentration. Pray for continued opportunities to sow seeds in these young lives.
    • Pray God's guidance and wisdom for next year.
  • Pray for the TUESDAY ENQUIRY GROUP. Specifically:
    • Thank God that through the weekly dialogues, X has opened up and is more keen to learn more about the faith. Pray that his heart will be softened and that he will meet Jesus as he learns more about the gospel. Pray for fruit.
    • Praise God for the work being done in the Tuesday Enquiry Group. Pray for the YA leaders - for J, C, B, A, who run the weekly Tuesday Enquiry Group on top of their day jobs, for K, R, E, M, N, who run the monthly events & constantly think of ways to love and serve the body, for J, G, K, A, who double down to organize evangelism events that more may know Jesus; thank God for their faithfulness and their love for God and people. Pray for sustenance and energy, for faithfulness and a genuine walk with God, and that their burden to love, serve, care for, reach out to, and disciple will bear much, much fruit.
  • Pray for the YOUNG ADULTS’ upcoming evangelistic event in November, that they will have the courage to live out Romans 1 - that we are not ashamed of the gospel - and reach out to our unbelieving friends to tell them what the gospel is. Pray that the YAs will be faithful, committed, sensitive and thoughtful, as they have gospel conversations with friends & family.
  • Pray for MISSIONS:
    • Yap Kim Meng and Beow Keng – Navigators
      • Pray for Kim Meng and Nav Administrator, Desmond who will be in Nairobi, Kenya Oct 1-6, for an Administrators’ Conference, that they will learn much and be able to translate what they have learned so that the ministry will be efficiently managed. Pray for a good time of fellowship with fellow labourers and that they would encourage one another. As Nav labourers who are sent into the campuses for mission exposure for a longer period of time, ranging from 2 weeks to up to 5 months to Asia and Africa, pray that God would grant them a fruitful harvest and at the same time they will grow in strength and passion for their work.
  • Kathy's Home English Camp – Pua

Thank God for a great camp during our last visit to Pua. Please pray for all the labourers to desire to let God mould them according to His purpose and to “live a life of purpose to enjoy the fruit of the Spirit”. Pray for the next trip from 7-11 December 2018 that God will raise many from GBC who will be keen to serve in this ministry.

  • Ping and Heidi – Wycliffe
    • The Bible translation check went well. They learnt much from the consultant to improve the translation. Heidi is immersing herself in basic translation methodology with our co-workers.
    • Pray for Heidi that she will pick up the skills of translation so that she can be effective in her work.
    • Their co-workers Bob and Cecilia are in Jakarta for medical check-ups. Please pray that God will guide them in any important decisions they have to make.
    • Ping is creating a Marine Fish App requested by the regional government for education. It is due in December. Pray that this project will strengthen their relationship with the locals and help the locals appreciate the beauty of God's creation as well as the importance of a clean environment. Pray for opportunities for Ping to share the gospel through his work in creating the App.
    • Sarah from Switzerland is with them for 6 months. She wants to learn more about ministry as well as help Heidi teach the boys. Pray that Benaja and Esra will be prepared through interaction with Sarah for school immersion back in Switzerland next year.
    • There are a number of sick villagers staying with them or at the hospital. Ping & Heidi are really busy and are happy taking care of their needs. Pray that God will open the eyes of the villagers to see the love of Jesus through Ping and Heidi's care and that they will hear the gospel & open their heart to Jesus.
    • Ping is teaching regularly and preaching. Please pray that he will be full of the Spirit that God's word will have authority over the listeners.
  • Deborah - PKH - Project KhmerHope
    • There was a recent review by the governmental agency where the Cambodian officials visited the Centres. It seems that some potential challenges or resistance may develop from them.
    • Pray for God's favour and protection upon the little ones whose faith is beginning to germinate.
    • Ask God for godly labourers as there is a need for more local pastors to arise and make disciples.
    • Ask God to guide and lead Deborah especially in the area of stewardship. Pray also for Deborah's parents’ health and that she will continue to trust God to be faithful and not worry about her family.
    • Pray for the Cambodian short-term missions trip. A team of 9 will be heading to Cambodia for a Mission trip from 30 Sep to 5 Oct. The team comprises 5 from GBC - Kim Cheng, Carrie, Yiling, Matthew and Thiem Heng, and 4 others - from 3 different Churches; Shawna from Redemption Hill Church, Samuel, Jasmin from Living Streams Community Church and Benjamin Wee from St Andrews. The team will be doing mostly dental service at the 3 centres - the main centre at Chbarmorn, Kg Speu, at Aoral and at Trang, where Deborah Teo is serving. Kim Cheng will also be giving Industrial Skills training at Aoral. Pray for:
      • The team as we provide dental care to the students. Pray that we will do so with humility and a servant heart;
      • Good coordination within the dental team supporting three dentists;
      • Kim Cheng as he teaches the industrial skills students; and
      • Opportunities to interact with the students, to encourage them and to share the gospel.