GBC Craft Time

The Ladies Ministry organised a craft session on 4 Aug 2018 where participants used their God-given creativity to design and make a terrarium. Rachel Wong tells us more.

In recent years, the Ladies Ministry has encouraged us to try out several different kinds of crafts, including an appliqué key-holder, Chinese knotting and beaded jewellery, but this is the first time we have attempted to make something using living materials, namely plants. This project was a unique opportunity to create our own personally-designed terrarium, and we were assured that green fingers were not a prerequisite. This was a relief to me personally, as someone who struggles to keep even cactuses alive! The beauty of a terrarium, apart from being literally beautiful, is that if you keep the cork in the glass jar all you have to do is water it once a month and the rest of the time it looks after itself, so it really is difficult to mess it up. (Ask me again in 6 months….) 


This session was open to both ladies and men, and to all ages, and it was encouraging to see all categories represented in the roughly 25 people who attended. After an opening prayer we got to work filling our glass jars with gravel and soil, with an intervening cloth to prevent the soil from falling through into the gravel. Then came the more creative stage, when we had to select our plants and position them in the soil, and then anchor them with moss and more gravel so that they presented a pleasing aesthetic of colour and shape. The final touches came in the form of larger stones, coloured sand and whimsical creatures which we could position in order to form our own personal miniature gardens, complete with beaches, ponds, islands or streams, according to our preference (and dexterity). Our small worlds contained whole worlds of imagination. We had ducks, fish, whales, starfish and more bizarrely penguins, living in harmony in what looked like mostly tropical environments – echoes of God’s abundant creation and perhaps a wistful nod to Isaiah 11:6 and God’s eventual restoration of this fallen world. 

It was very interesting to see how different the terrariums turned out to be, even though they were all the same size and used the same materials: each one was unique, just as God has fashioned each one of us uniquely according to His purpose and pleasure. They afforded a small way for the participants to express their different personalities, and to feel a sense of satisfaction in using their God-given creativity to make something purposefully and deliberately. Of course, it was also a really good way to interact with other members of the church as this meeting cut across so many of the usual boundaries and existing habitual groupings within the church body. We all had a great time and would like to thank the Ladies Ministry for organising a such an unusual and enjoyable event.