Prayer Meeting (27 July 2018)

Prayer Meeting

(27 July 2018)

Prayer Points



- Thanksgiving for outing on 14 Jul at Fort Canning organised by the YAs.  Although only 7 kids from Gracehaven joined us in the outing & we outnumbered them 4 to 1, we had great interaction & fun. The kids were attentive to the Bible story & were able to give the correct answers during the amazing race where questions on the message shared were asked.  

- Pray that the words & actions of our YAs would leave a lasting impression on the kids, and the seed that fell on the hearts of the hearers would bear much fruit.

- Pray that God will continue to use our YAs for His glory.

- Pray that God will provide the support needed to organise the next outreach on 8 Sep and that God will enable GBC volunteers to build upon the good work that is done at Gracehaven for His glory.

- Pray for wisdom & discernment for the core team to work with Gracehaven on activities and budget for 2019.



- Thank God for the many new friends who have joined YA over the past two months - pray that they will settle down and commit to the church & discipleship groups, and that they will meet Jesus as we spend time reading God's word together.

- Thank God for response to Bible Study Leading Training - for the 26 adults (both young and older) who have committed to all the training sessions till October on a weekday night. Praise God for their willingness to learn and commit time, and also for tender & teachable hearts. Pray that as we spend the next three months sharpening Bible-reading & Bible-teaching skills with each other, that God will use these men & women powerfully in their own ministries and that His name will be proclaimed through them. Pray that God will bless these folks richly & grant them a taste of their ministries bearing fruit.

- Pray for our overseas students - for those who have come back and are still here - to use their time here well and to be encouraged & equipped to labour when they go back to school; for those who've already gone back - to continue striving for holiness and sinking deep roots in their local churches there; and for those who were not able to return this break to be encouraged and also spend their time abroad wisely.

- Pray for the new group of leaders coming up, as they consider their calling and convictions. Pray the love of God's people will be at the forefront of their hearts and minds as they prayerfully consider taking up leadership positions.

- Pray for the many young adults moving from one stage of their lives to the next - from school to army, army to school, and school to work, from being single to being in relationships, from dating to marriage. Pray that we will be reminded that our identity is in Christ and Christ alone, and that the temptation to find fulfilment in any of these things is futile and idolatrous. Pray that we will pursue holiness & the knowledge of God in every stage of our lives, and that we will help point one another back to the cross over and over again.




  1. Smooth relocation & transition back to Bangkok on 27 July.
  2. Suitable house for rent near the children’s school.
  3. Health of the family



Started training last month as a Training Assistant under the Daniel’s Project. At the moment she is handling mainly finance work.

"L: Always needing my Thai script at Sunday School (thankfully my students are gracious!)

C: Visiting the slums in Bangkok on a boat for the first time (possible ministry location)

R: Teaching the younger kids in the Bangkok slum ministry (possible ministry)"

- Pray for God's assurance for this young missionary in a new environment, her adjustment & learning to trust in Him.

"Please pray that God will remind me to give thanks for everything each day.

We have been covering the creation story at Sunday School these past several weeks and this has been a good reminder to praise God for creating the universe and being the Source of life."

- Pray for effective evangelistic ministry to individuals

"Please continue to pray for Ink and her grandma, Auntie Daa to see the truth of the gospel of Christ. Since the start of June, I have been going to teach Ink and her neighbour, Win, English. I’ve tried to tell the Exodus story last week. Ink seems interested to hear more Bible Stories"

- Pray for God's leading for Fedora's ministry placement & patience to wait upon the Lord.

"Everything seems to take longer here. I am still not 100% sure about my ministry placement. Please pray for my meeting on 14 July with the OMF Bangkok team leader and the Thai ministry leader. The impatient me hopes to confirm things soon!"



- Pray for their next 5 year plan that the Lord will lead them to the projects best suited for them.

- As they are in Singapore, May they have a time of refreshment and renew ties that enable them to be strengthened when they start another 5 years in Indonesia.



The CG Nite (Theme: "One Another") was held on 7th July at GBC. 

Give thanks to the Lord:

- CG members celebrated God's goodness & faithfulness to the CGs as a community. 

- Interest from those seeking to join a CG. 

- Many CGs who turned up to provide testimonies sharing, leading worship, refreshments & staying engaged throughout the night’s event.



- Another issue has miraculously fallen into place! We are most grateful.  We also hope that you are encouraged by the articles :) We thank God for His provision of time, creativity, patience and grace needed as we worked on the issue. Everyone is very busy and so it was a wonder that we managed to meet all the different deadlines. We are also very blessed to have a printer who’s very patient and accommodating.

- As always, a big thank you to those who wrote or agreed to be interviewed, be it for the print issue or the series of interviews that we have been doing with the ladies via enews. Thank you all for sharing & encouraging one another.

- The team will be meeting tomorrow (28 Jul) to discuss the articles for the next issue. Please pray that we will have a fruitful discussion and be an encourager to one another.



- We thank God that He has blessed our church with a growing flock. There have been children of new comers joining the program and those of our members. 

- We thank God for the training session that Dr Koh Siang Kiang ran for the teachers on the 14 of July. It was highly informative and also gave us some great insight into how we can prepare ourselves for service.

- We thank God for new teachers who have joined our ministry and we pray that the more experienced teachers can help guide them in their learning journey.



- Prayer for the parenting reading group that will be starting, that it would be an enriching time for all involved.

- Thanksgiving for new youth leaders, and prayer for wisdom as we start to make plans for next year.