Families Serving on Sunday Mornings

Lim Eng Khin shares about GBC's new initiative to involve families in greeting and welcoming worshippers before service on Sundays.

The foyer on Sunday mornings at GBC just got a bit more interesting. Since the first Sunday of 2018, GBC families have been included in the Greeters’ Roster to get involved with greeting and welcoming one another to church.

While the Hospitality Table is an effort to extend the warm and generous spirit of the Lord Jesus in the way we receive and host one another in Christ after worship service, this new 'GBC families Greeting & Welcoming' initiative takes hold of the opportunity before service, to inculcate an even more welcoming culture and nurture connectedness in our GBC community. 

Family groups also get the opportunity to serve the church together too!   

It has been special to see families involved in greeting one another. The excitement and the energy, whether as a family group of three or a three-generation setup, has been refreshing and the feedback has been positive and encouraging.

the-behs-and-the-wees-web The Behs (left) and the Wees (right) extending warm and cheerful greetings to worshippers before service.

These are some of the feedback from this initiative:

Zach says he wants to serve every week!”

“Great way to start them young!”

“Woohoo…thanks! It was a joy doing it!”

“His enthusiasm (little Josiah) took us by surprise too!”

“Thanks for the opportunity to serve.”

It is our desire to involve the whole GBC community in greeting and welcoming one another on Sunday mornings. Our hope is that each family will be involved at least once every year.

Family groups will be contacted 3-4 weeks in advance to check if they would like to participate. Those who are new to GBC and would like to be included in this new initiative can contact Song Huat or Eng Khin.