Cramming for Missions

Years ago, while Sherri and I were ministering among university students in Malaysia, I became frustrated when so many students began to tell me that they would need to dramatically reduce their participation in the ministry because they had exams coming … in two months.

“Two months!” I responded. “Who takes two months to study for an exam? Just cram for a week,” I continued, “and you’re sure to pass!”

There was a long, awkward pause … and then one of the students bravely offered me an education. “Uncle Ian … we are not aiming for ‘a Pass’!”

In a context in which we are taught to aim for excellence or nothing at all, we come to another Great Commission Month. Are we cramming for a missions 'Pass' this year? Or will this year be the year we aim for “well done my good and faithful servants!”? My prayer is that this Sunday we will come well prepared to dip our hearts in the creative power of His Word and expect Him to surprise us with gospel intention.

We will begin this Sunday in Matthew 28:18-20 with “A Modest Response …” and we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper together. Why not take a moment now to prepare your heart to fellowship around the Lord’s Table? As you examine yourself and discover some thought or deed that may grieve the Lord, simply acknowledge that (confess) to Him, turn to Him afresh (repent) and then come on Sunday, joyfully celebrating His willing gift of forgiveness!