Christmas Celebration

Seah Kah Yin encourages us to invite our family & friends to join us for our Christmas Celebration on 24th Dec. Let's take this opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ with others this Christmas.

Do you celebrate Christmas? If yes, how do you celebrate?

Some may question whether Jesus was born in December.  Some may even think that it is not biblical to celebrate Christmas in December. As for me, it doesn’t matter: Jesus was born and He is the best gift that we can ever receive. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. We should be joyful every day.   

We will be having a Christmas Celebration on 24 Dec (10.30am~1.30pm) to share our joy in songs and testimonies. It is an opportunity for us to fellowship and reflect the love of Jesus Christ. It is also an opportunity for us to invite non-believers to join us in the celebration and to spread the gospel in words and works.

Pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit to sign up for the celebration and to invite someone who needs the gift of life. You may be amazed by the opportunities God gives you to share the gospel both before, during and after the celebration.

Christmas Lunch