CG kept me in GBC: A sharing by Eddie Tan

I was approaching the doorsteps of Grace Baptist Church, way back in 1982, which, at that time, was worshiping at Queens Street. KY Leong greeted me and recognised me as someone he knew from years back. Within a couple of weeks, he recruited me into his CG and before I knew it, I was in a GBC membership class and transferred my membership from the Brethren church I used to attend.

I very soon became active in ministries such as Worship, AV and Properties and very quickly developed this sense of belonging to GBC. After many years, I decided to fade into the background,  feeling sort of physically tired, and also the greater urge to make way for the younger generation to take over the areas I used to serve and pump in new energy and ideas. I literally sat in the pews with no ministry involvement and slowly felt the depletion of the overwhelming joy of serving the Lord I once had.

However, the sense of belonging to GBC remained strong as I was held strongly by the CGs (I was in 3 CGs over many years – a result of organic growth and CG planting) and the sincere and open sharing, support in all sense of the word and prayer for one another and the church, and the study of His Word, as a loving and caring small group of God’s children, kept this strong sense of belonging, to The Lord and GBC.

The impact of the CG on my life developed into a passion, adding on to my strong conviction and experience that one can have assurance of remaining close to the Lord and be in His will by serving Him in any capacity. I have not ever been found not in a CG since the first CG.

During the recent camp, I was approached by Thian Chye to serve on the CG Committee and I gladly accepted.

My prayer for serving with the committee is that I will be much involved in propagating the blessings of being in a CG, and see the growth of spiritual and physical strength of GBC, as each CG forms an effective bond in the patchwork of CGs in GBC. We can then anticipate much more blessings from the Lord as we unitedly obey to do His will.

Come enjoy the many blessings of being in a CG if you are not already in one. If you need help in selection, the CG committee will be most glad to assist.