BGST Lecture on 1-2 Peter

We are excited to be working with BGST to host Rev Dr. Bruce Winter for a series of lectures on 1-2 Peter. These lectures will be useful as we continue to think about how we can live out our faith in all aspects of our lives right now, even as we look forward to the hope that is to come.

Rev. Dr Bruce Winter has lectured at Moore Theological College, Beeson Divinity School, and Cambridge University. He is a noted New Testament scholar, and the author of multiple books, including the influential study After Paul Left Corinth.


  • Free Public Lecture on 14 April , 7.45-10pm.
  • Paid Course on 15-16 April (7.15 - 10pm) and 19 April (9.30am-5pm). Individuals who sign up through GBC will be entitled to a discounted price of $180 for the course*.

Individuals interested in either the free lecture or the course can provide their (1) Full Name, (2) Contact Number, (3) Email to CES or at the registration booth that will be set up on Sundays (30 March, 6 Apr, 13 Apr).

Feel free to contact the CES team if there are any further enquiries!

*Interested members with financial needs can contact the CES team for support.


Bruce Winter PL Poster - Peter - A3 - 21 Feb 2014 - Final