Annual Worship Ministry Get-Together-Lunch

On Sunday after the second service, 45 of our worship ministry folks - musicians, sound crew, projectionists, song leaders, choir members and elders got together for a short time of lunch and fellowship together as we gave thanks to God for another year gone by and also encouraging one another for the year ahead.


Here are 9 fun facts that you may not know about the Worship Ministry at GBC:

  1. At last count, the Worship Ministry stands at 66 people strong. Approximately 14% of church members are involved in worship.
  2. The age range for the Worship Ministry goes from 15 (Joel Ng) to late 60s (member's name undisclosed for sensitivity).
  3. In the last year (2013-2014) approximately 10 new members joined the ministry.
  4. The ministry has members of diverse backgrounds - folks who come from Taiwan, China, Malaysia, the UK, the US, Singapore and of course, Japanese descent.
  5. The ministry comprises of all kinds of people - publishing professionals, doctors, IT professionals, students, teachers, scientists, engineers, fulltime Christian workers, entrepreneurs and civil servants. 
  6. The worship ministry does not deploy fixed teams each Sunday - each member is rotated so they are assembled for a week's service and then disbanded - this encourages more interaction and a higher participation rate.
  7. On average, each member serves once a month for worship. (Not always!)
  8. The team for the week gathers at 730pm every Saturday night to pray for each other and for the service the next day.
  9. The team for the week comes to church as early as 715am on Sunday mornings and the soundpersons at 7am.

The Worship Ministry Team (comprising of Senior Pastor Arnold Wong, Ministry Leader Lam Lup Meng, Carrie Chow, Caleb Yap and Toshiyuki Mori) planned the event to be a time of touching base with one another and also spurring one another on towards another year of ministry.

The event first began with prayer, before breaking up into groups for intraministry sharing. The groups discussed questions pertaining to reasons for thanksgiving, and also how members felt the ministry was achieving its mission, "to lead passionately in vibrant corporate worship that is biblical and Gospel-centered." The groups further discussed what they imagined it would be like to be a worshipper in the congregation - what did we imagine they would be thinking and feeling when they left our services? 


Then we welcomed the newest members into the ministry before Lup Meng gave us a quick briefing on the SOP (standard operating procedures), the highlights for 2014 and other administrative details. Finally, Pastor Arnold gave thanks for the food as we then proceeded for a bento lunch and more fellowship with one another.

In many conversations, many members shared that they quietly appreciated the distinct flavor of worship at GBC - the blended aspect of traditional and contemporary songs focused on the meaning of the texts in the songs.


Others shared that they enjoyed serving when there was a flow of thought that ran through the songs, climaxing when we worship Christ for His work at the Cross. One member shared that this flow of thought was what made biblical worship at GBC really stand out. Someone else shared that of course, the ministry could still continue to grow as it progressed in the area of leading in 'vibrant corporate worship' and we ought to continue to be humble and honest about areas of improvement. Still others commented that they felt the diversity of serving together in a large ministry full of different kinds of people was very heartening - the unity experienced between people of ages, backgrounds, professions, etc was truly something precious.

In closing, let us as a church give thanks for the good folks of the worship ministry and keep them in prayer as they serve each week. For the many sacrifices that they make and how they offer themselves to the Lord, we ought to remember them in prayer and encourage them! Thank you, Worship Ministry!

gbc worship ministry 2014