An Update from the EC & CC Leaderships - Church Rebuilding Steering Committee

23 February 2014

An Update from the English and Chinese Congregational Leaderships:

On behalf of the Congregational Leaderships of the EC and CC, we have an update to share with you about the rebuilding program.

A fact finding committee, known as the Steering Committee or SC, has been working very hard to gather information that will help GBC members make an informed decision on the rebuilding proposal. It has been formed to assist the Board of Directors (BoD) and the Congregational Leaders (CLs) in presenting the plans, budget, and timeline of the rebuilding project at a future EGM.

If the members vote in favor of the church rebuilding at the EGM, the SC will then oversee the implementation of the church redevelopment on behalf of the BoD and the EC-CC CLs.

The committee is chaired by Beh Soo Hee and is composed of Cheong Hee Kiat, Peter Ho Lick, Ng Chee Seng, Chi Wei Ming, and Jeffrey Teong.