An Update from Beacon Hall

Beacon Hall, a hostel for university students in Chiang Mai, started its first intake of students in April 2017. We thank God for the hard work of William and Karen Lenn in seeing through the building of the hostel and for their joy and commitment to want to serve Him among the Hmong and Thai communities. Karen Lenn shares with us more about the students they are ministering to.

In April, Beacon Hall received our first two students. They are Kuson (in orange t-shirt and formerly from Kathy's Home) and Wundt from Isan, a young Christian Kuson is mentoring. They are both majoring in English at Maejo University in Chiang Mai. Their school term has just started in June.



We also received a paraplegic student, Nueng, who is studying Information Technology at Rajaphat University which is 5km away. Nueng is Hmong and he was accidentally shot in his spine by his older brother when he was 15 years old. His older brother accidentally shot him when cleaning his shotgun after a hunting trip. Without help or finance, Nueng was left bedridden with bad bedsores and there was a stage when he was so depressed that he wished he had died. One day, some missionaries visited the village and rescued him. After hospitalisation and rehabilitation, his whole life changed. He was won to Christ by the love and care of the missionaries. Life took on a new meaning and he was determined to make something of it. The examples of the other Christians in the handicap home also encouraged him to finish his high school and to live a meaningful life for Christ.

When Annabel, a Thai missionary whose parents were missionaries who had laboured in the Hmong mission field for over four decades, first approached us to consider taking in Nueng, we were reluctant to offer him a room as Beacon Hall is not wheelchair friendly. We couldn't dismiss the request though and so we prayed and left it alone. Several weeks later, Annabel came back and we felt that we couldn't ignore Nueng as they have failed to find a suitable and affordable place near the university within his means. We realised he needed our help more than anyone.

Beacon-Hall-Annabel-NeungNueng (left) with Annabel, our Thai missionary friend whose parents are Don and Kathy Rulison - missionaries who had laboured in the Hmong mission field for over four decades. Kathy's Home was named after Kathy Rulison after the home going of Kathy.

Nueng has to have a room to himself as he has lost all his physical functions below his waist and so requires the privacy of a single room to attend to himself. We asked the carpenter to make some ramps and to modify the steep driveway of Beacon Hall to make it accessible for him. We are now happy to have him. Praise the Lord for our godson, who recently started his first job in the US, for honouring the Lord by donating for these carpentry and construction works. One of William's former students also donated to cover the cost of the absent roommate as all rooms at Beacon Hall are meant to be twin sharing.

Beacon Hall 3Nueng drives a motorbike with a sidecar for his wheelchair. 

In addition to the three young men, we are also expecting our first female resident next week. She is a sister of one of the boys at Kathy's Home and she will be attending Chiang Mai University in late August.

We have received quite a number of requests from other minority groups and Thais to stay at the hostel but we want to be patient. We have been praying for the right students who are really in need. They will have to be recommended by their pastors or missionaries. 

Appreciate all your continued prayers for us and here are some of the latest photos of Beacon Hall:

Beacon Hall 4Clockwise from top left: boys' rooms, girls' rooms on the upper floor, view from the pantry and common room.

Until He comes,
Karen & William Lenn

Update @ July 2017


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