Pua Mission Trip -- Sept 2017

A team of nine headed to Kathy's Home in Pua, Thailand to conduct the quarterly English camp from 1-4 Sept 2017. For this camp, they also taught the children English memory verse songs from the Children Ministry's "Singing God's Love in God's Word" music album. The children (and teachers) had a great time learning the songs. Read the trip report to find out more.


The Team

The team comprised 9 members (L-R): Victor Tay, Joey Raju, Tan Kim Song, Grace Ang, Tan Sze Gar, Susan Tan, June Kiew, Kiew Won Lee and Ngiam Siew Kim.  


The team flew from Singapore to Bangkok on Friday morning and met Joey (who had gone to Bangkok earlier) at Don Mueang Airport before our flight to Nan. Flight connections in Bangkok for the trips to Nan and back were both very smooth, allowing the team plenty of time to have leisurely airport lunches while in transit. We were very grateful.

The van that came to fetch us at Nan Airport came with free wifi which was very well utilised and appreciated by the team. During our hour-long journey from Nan to Pua, the team engaged in lively discussion about the memory verse songs that each group of students (and maybe the teachers) would attempt. We were grateful for Grace who was tasked to teach the children and the teachers the memory verse songs from the Singing God’s Love in God’s Word music album. 

We arrived in Pua at around 5pm and after dropping off our luggage, we were happily sitting at the roadside wanton noodles stall having our first – and sadly for most of the team, the only – bowl of wanton noodles for the trip. The weather was cool and pleasant, making the quick meal even more enjoyable. We were very grateful!

The team returned to Singapore in two groups – Kim Song and Victor took the Sunday overnight coach to Bangkok for the early morning flight back to Singapore, while the rest returned on Monday morning taking the flight from Nan to Bangkok, followed by an afternoon flight to Singapore except for Susan who stayed on in Bangkok.

Morning Devotion and Sermon

Sze Gar led Saturday’s morning devotion on Parable of the Lost Sheep. She shared the different contexts that Jesus had used the parable in Luke 15:1-7 and Matthew 18:10-14. Focusing on Matthew 18:10-14, she asked the team to consider how we regard the little ones or those who have gone astray. Do we despise them or do we pursue them with as much zeal as our Great Shepherd would?

For Sunday’s morning devotion, Joey encouraged the team to share how we have been ministered over the years as we make the trips to Pua. He started by telling us how he had initially made the first trip thinking he’s here to serve and minister to the children, but realised after the trip that he was being ministered to instead. Susan shared how coming to Pua has helped her build relationships with not just those at Kathy’s Home but also those in GBC. She added that the Pua team has become her care group. Kim Song commented on the need to have Barnabas in every church, who will encourage one another in our walk, and he finds much encouragement in the Pua team and enjoys his quarterly trips to Pua. We are very much encouraged by what God is doing in those at Kathy’s Home as well as us, and we are more than grateful for His marvellous grace.


For Sunday's message, Won Lee told the inspiring story of Iron Man Neville Tan, stressing how we can only be transformed by the power and grace of God. This compelling story of how a gangster met God while in prison captured the attention of the children, especially the older ones. It is our prayer that the message of hope  will also uplift some of the children who are facing much difficulties back home. 

English Classes

The first session started on Friday evening, with three sessions on Saturday and two sessions on Sunday.



Singing God’s Love in God’s Word in Pua

With Grace joining the trip, we decided to bring "Singing God’s Love in God’s Word" to Pua! We wondered at Grace’s pre-trip preparation – word puzzle of the verses, printed booklets of the verses for the children and teachers etc. Over two days, she taught the children (and teachers) six memory verse songs. Half an hour sessions were set aside for each group to learn a verse. On Friday evening, she taught the first group of students Genesis 1:27, and on Saturday afternoon, she taught three other groups Jeremiah 7:23, Jeremiah 33:3, Isaiah 53:6 and Romans 5:8. And on Saturday evening, everyone learnt Romans 3:23 together. The children and teachers presented these memory verse songs on Sunday after worship. The children thoroughly enjoyed the songs, so do the teachers who still have the songs ringing in their ears a few days after the trip. Watch the video to find out more!

Social Media

Please check out Kathy’s Home Facebook for more photos and Nutcha’s beautiful drawings!

We give thanks to our Lord for:

  • His grace and bountiful provisions.
  • Mak and Narola for their heart for the children. Some of the children require very personal care, attention and encouragement and we thank God for the love and dedication of this faithful couple.
  • the children of course! We thank God for how He is working in them and we are often amazed by how they have grown, both physically and spiritually.
  • Rongsen who has been serving at Kathy’s Home for more than 2 years.
  • Mak and Narola’s hospitality and thoughtfulness – knowing that Sze Gar was looking forward to avocadoes for the trip, they made sure to get them for her.
  • the upcoming wedding of Pastor Neng’s daughter. It will be held in Chiang Mai on 17 Nov and she has invited Team Singapore to the church wedding. We rejoice with her and the family.
  • the joyful and encouraging time of fellowship as we travel together, study God’s Word together and share meals together.
  • Siew Kim’s dedication and great work in taking photos and videos.
  • very smooth journeys and fine weather.

Please pray:

  • for Pastor Neng and his wife as they learn to adapt to the schedules and demands of looking after 43 children. The daily demands are very different from what they were used to when living in the village. Please pray for wisdom, strength and patience.
  • for Mak and Narola as they continue to minister to the children and the villages.
  • for the children who are experiencing difficulties at home, that whatever the circumstances, they will draw near to God and abide in Him. Pray that our Lord will heal them and their families.
  • that we know to whom we belong to, and that we will abide in Him and whatever we do, it will be for the glory of Him and Him alone.

Next Trip:

  • 1-4 Dec 2017, contact Won Lee to find out more.