Q&A about ‘Singing God’s Love in God’s Word’

Have you bought a copy of the music album 'Singing God’s Love in God’s Word' produced by the Children's Ministry? If not, what are you waiting for? The Children's Ministry answers some questions you have about this music album and shares how you can encourage and support this sacrificial love offering from the children. 

What led to the making of the music album?

We had a Sunday school teacher, Auntie Lan Soi, who is gifted in putting music to scripture and had been faithfully teaching the children to sing them for many years. Other teachers caught the 'bug', and even some children too! Over the years, we have built up a good library of scripture in songs and we thought it would be great to share these with other adults in GBC. That was how the idea started a few years ago.

What’s on this music album? What is it all about?

‘Singing God’s Love in God’s Word’ was conceptualised as an evangelistic album telling of God’s salvation plan through Old and New Testament scripture. Production began in April 2016 when 16 memory verses put to music composed by members of GBC were carefully selected to tell the gospel story. These were linked with a narrative between 3 children. Each album consists of an illustration and lyric booklet and a CD or USB flash drive

Is this music album meant only for children?

Though the narratives were written with a young listener in mind, the album is definitely not meant only for children. The language used in the album is simple enough for a child to understand, yet profound enough for an adult to appreciate: God’s love is evident in His word through the ages. On top of that, the lyrics of the songs are scriptural text: word-for-word and not paraphrased. It will definitely help all listeners – children and adults alike – to memorise God’s word very quickly.

What were the challenges the team faced through the production of the music album?

We faced many challenges from the beginning till the very end. All the adults and children have very tight and conflicting schedules. Some of the children were sick during the recording sessions. We couldn’t schedule more recording sessions as these would clash with the children’s examinations. Hundreds of hours were spent preparing the various components of the production – the music, the scripture reading, the script, narration, and the illustration booklet etc. We also needed to raise funds to cover production cost. To top it off, our first order of USB flash drives didn’t arrive at all and had to re-order from another vendor.

Throughout the entire project, we learnt again and again to surrender everything to God. Someone said, “When you can explain what is going on (or how we managed to complete the CD) … God did not do it.” That’s exactly how we felt. We had no prior experience in producing an album from scratch, so we struggled at every stage of the production. Through it all we reminded ourselves it is God’s project and trusted Him to bring it to completion. And that’s exactly what He did.

(Read more about the project here)

Has enough been raised to cover production costs?

Many members have asked us if we have managed to cover the costs of production from the sales proceeds. Actually, we had decided from the start that the children’s many months of hard work would be their offering to the church and all sales proceeds would go to the church. We thus approached various GBC members to sponsor the project. We are very thankful for those who contributed to costs of studio recording and mixing as well as the production of 500 CDs, 500 USBs and 1000 booklets.



Where do proceeds from the sales of the albums go to?

Proceeds from the sale initially went to GBC Rebuilding Fund and GBC Sinking Fund as the project was started to let the children contribute to the church rebuilding. After 24 Aug 2017, with the rebuilding fund being fully raised, we have decided to channel all further sales proceeds to GBC Missions Fund.



What would you like the children to remember from this project?

We wanted to make sure that the children understood the 'message' they were presenting. So we made every effort to explain, discuss, pray, and explain and discuss again whenever we could.  Although not all the children will understand all the verses, we believe God’s word will stay in their hearts and will return to minister to them when they are older. We hope that many years from now, they will look back and remember how God has used them to share His love message.

What can I do to contribute to this project?

You can partner and support the children by stepping into the next stage of God’s harvest work by purchasing a few copies and prayerfully give them to those whom the Holy Spirit moves you to share with: perhaps a non-Christian who is searching and has yet to hear God’s loving promises, or a relative with whom you may feel awkward to speak directly with, or a friend who used to attend church but has lapsed for a long time in hearing God’s word, or a teacher or mother who is empowered to influence others. Pray that the simple truths spoken by children and God’s direct unadulterated message sung to a catchy tune may stick and sprout in their hearts. And we believe our amazing God, by His Spirit will do the rest of the work in His time.


We leave you with some reviews and feedback from listeners who bought or were given the music album. May you be encouraged and inspired by their testimonies. To God be all glory!

“I hear God’s love in this production… I love the artwork, visuals and music on this CD. Thanks for sharing your gift with us. I felt blessed hearing this CD :) ”

“Thank you! This is such a wonderful CD. Will share it with my church’s children’s ministry.”

 "All Glory to the Lord. I would like 5 copies. I would like to share them with the children at Eden Home in Mongolia.”

“Good work on the CD! It’s evangelistic and explains the gospel in an easy to understand and musical way, well done!”

“Your CD has been a blessing me and my kids. My girl especially loves #5 which goes like 'Obey me and I will be your God...' She would request me to repeat it again and again when we listen to it on the road. Yesterday, out of the blue, she started memorising the first part of that song to my husband. The songs are so well written that they keep ringing in my head during the day too. It's such a wonderful way to help us memorise God's words. I particularly like the way it was written which is centered around salvation and it's easily understood. Well done… for such a great piece of work!”

“Thank you for the CD, I love it. Track 8 is my favourite… very warrior :)”

 "The music is vibrant and uplifting :)"

 “Oh I heard it once and I thought it’s lovely! So much creativity :) Love the jazzy pieces ;) ”