'Holy, Resolved' - YA Retreat 2017

Over 23-26 June, our YAs went for their annual retreat entitled ‘Holy, Resolved'. Matthew Seah (3rd row, 6th from the right) reflects on the time the YAs had learning about God's holiness and its implications for His people.

YA Retreat 2017 2


I went for the Young Adults Retreat entitled “Holy, Resolved” with a heart full of worries about work, relationships and about the retreat itself. I left realising how unclean this heart was, becoming resolved to answer God’s call to have my heart be holy.

In this retreat, God blessed the YA with the leadership and experience of Uncle Beh, Pastor Eugene, Wen Pin, and their respective families. Through them He revealed how holiness was actually a “summary attribute” of His divine character. Exploring holiness meant exploring God’s goodness, it also meant exploring God’s absolute purity, which necessarily separates us from Him even if we truly desire to be in His presence. Without holiness to come into His presence, Psalm 16’s statement “in your presence there is fullness of joy” is impossible for us.

YA Retreat 2017 5

We were convicted of false holiness - coming before God in prayer, worship and even repentance but with hearts of stone. We were reminded that only Jesus Christ could provide us with true holiness, for His work on the cross allows us to be counted righteous before a holy Judge. Finally, we were encouraged to strive for holy lives together. The Holy Spirit was leading us to bear fruit for His glory while pushing us to strengthen and rebuke one another; the body of Christ is to be holy not in part but in full.

YA Retreat 2017 4

Through this retreat, God convicted me of sauntering casually into His presence, as though my worries weighed more than presenting myself rightly before a God who strikes down unclean people because they wandered into His presence. God taught me to tremble before Him and to proclaim “holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts” like the seraphim in Isaiah 6, regardless of whether I am seeking to commit my troubles to God or giving thanks for His blessings.

As the YA return back to reality, I ask for GBC to pray that God will guide us in our learning to honour our individual resolutions to lead holy lives, that we may be used as His holy instruments both within and outside of GBC.

YA Retreat 2017 3