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Prepare for Worship (21 Apr 2019)

How ought the reality of the resurrection impact my view of life, today and in the future?

Jesus the King, Crucified

As we approach Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, Pastor Oliver urges us to reflect on the cross which Christ died and lay hold of its meaning and wonder.

Quarterly Congregational Meeting (QCM) 7 Apr 2019

On 7 Apr, we gathered for our second QCM of the year where our elders shared with us some significant ministry matters.

Announcements for 14 April 2019

CONNECT WITH US  Hello! We would love to help you connect with us. Do drop by the visitors' ta...

Bringing Others to Jesus

Who can be an evangelist? From the story of Andrew, we realise that we do not need a seminary degree or professional training to bring people to Jesus. Anyone who has experienced the joy and hope found in Jesus can tell others about Jesus and bring them to Him.

Prepare for Worship (14 Apr 2019)

How is King Jesus calling you to come to Him for peace?

Does It Spark Joy? -- A YA Evangelistic Event

Pratas and conversations about the pursuit of happiness -- this was the scene at the recent evangelistic event by the young adults.

Does God Exist?

Why does the "existence of God" matter? In a world where people of different beliefs are increasingly unable to talk across divides to one another, it matters that Christians learn to articulate what we believe. The Tuesday Enquiry Group (TEG) was designed to provide such a platform, and the team shares with us how the first session went, and what are some of the goals of this series.

Announcements for 7 April 2019

CONNECT WITH US Hello! We would love to help you connect with us. Do drop by the visitors' table be...

Prepare for Worship (7 Apr 2019)

Do I put the joyful life of Christ on display, or does my brokenness get in the way?