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2Gs Lunchbytes - 14 Apr (Sat), 11am to 2pm

Yap Kim Meng shares with us an evangelistic event that The Navigators is partnering with GBC. Mark your calendars and pray that this event will stir up in us a desire to share the gospel naturally in our lives with all those around us.

Equipped to read the Bible

We’re entering our third month of EQUIP classes and for these two weeks, this series will focus on how to read the Bible. Titled “How to read the Bible” and “How to read the Bible with someone”, these sessions will focus on simple Bible reading skills for personal devotions, and also with another person or even in a small group.

Prepare for Worship (4 Mar 2018)

God has rescued us from sin and made us His holy people in Christ. How is God working in your life to help you grow in holiness?

Sermon Schedule for March 2018

Here is the sermon schedule for March 2018 for your prayer and preparation.

Prepare for Worship (25 Feb 2018)

As you prepare for Sunday, consider if there is any area of your life today that would benefit from perseverance? Then, take a moment and invite God to give you lasting strength because He is the living God who calls and sustains.

Announcements for 25 February 2018

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION   EQUIP IN MARCH Look out for these classes: How to Read the Bible ...

Prayer Meeting on 23 February 2018

Prayer Meeting (23 February 2018) Prayer Points   I. YOUNG ADULTS Prayer & Praise...

Know Your Leaders - Elder Beh Soo Hee

Elder Beh Soo Hee reveals to Jonathan Yao what he considers to be the most important aspect of an elder’s role, and what it means to him to be part of the body of Christ.

Calling Men and Women of Grace

Pastor Eugene shares with us two articles from the 9Marks Journal on discipleship and encourages us to attend the new EQUIP class

Gender Roles: Reflecting the Gospel

Pastor Ian invites us to consider whether the modern assumption that men's and women's roles are interchangeable is in line with the Bible's presentation of gender roles and responsibilities.