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A Brilliant Display of His Perfect Patience

Pastor Ian reminds us that, like Paul, we have received mercy in order to demonstrate dependence on God, and to benefit others by displaying His perfect patience.

Prepare for Worship (11 Feb 2018)

Are we submitting to God's design for our lives by living according to His way? As we ponder over this, let's be grateful to God for His grace and wisdom in saving us and ordering our lives according to His perfect plan.

Know Your Leaders: Elder Lim Song Huat

Freshly Brewed: Lim Song Huat chats with Li Shiwei on his role as the newest elder of GBC.

Announcements for 4 February 2018


Prepare for Worship (4 Feb 2018)

We worship a God who is merciful and patient. Have we shown patience and mercy towards others in the past week?

Engaging the World

Do you live in a 'Christian bubble', spending most of your time with only Christians? Here are four helpful suggestions from Pastor Eugene on how to better engage with non-Christians and win them for Christ.

Families Serving on Sunday Mornings

Lim Eng Khin shares about GBC's new initiative to involve families in greeting and welcoming worshippers before service on Sundays.

Know Your Leaders: Elder Wee Thiem Heng

In the second instalment of our series called 'Know Your Leaders', Elder Wee Thiem Heng shares with us how he came to GBC and the joys and challenges of being a spiritual leader of the church.

The Tuesday Enquiry

The Tuesday Enquiry is a weekly evangelistic study that hopes to provide a consistent and open door for unbelievers to explore the Gospel at GBC. Held every Tuesday nights from 730 to 930pm, this evangelistic class hopes that unbelievers will be able to experience hospitality and community.

Sermon Schedule for February 2018

Sermon schedule for February 2018.