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Their part, our part, everyone's part (Neh 3:1-32)

In Nehemiah 3, we learn of how the entire community responded in obedience and began work on the wall. It was a beautiful picture of a unity that transcended backgrounds, generations and occupations.

How can you celebrate Advent?

What are some ways families and individuals can prepare meaningfully during the season of Advent and draw closer to Christ? Here are some ideas and resources for helping us all treasure and adore Christ.

Interview with the Youth Camp Commandants

The youth camp is a significant annual event in the youth calendar, and this year's camp commandants share with us their aims for the camp, as well as how we can help to keep them in prayer.

Last Week's Worship 1 Dec 2013

This first week of Advent, have a listen to Sunday's worship music that points us to the coming King!

Thanksgiving Celebration

More than 80 members gathered together to give thanks to our Lord for what He is doing in their lives.

Announcement 01 Dec 2013

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION ON SUNDAY (CES): 1. RECESS Seekers Class, Welcome Session and the Sunday Disci...

Overview of 'They Looked For Redemption'

Take a look at the overview of the Advent Devotional: They Looked For Redemption and how it helps us understand the true meaning of Christmas

Interview with Pastor Bobby on evangelism

Pastor Bobby answers questions on evangelism and provides teaching on how Gospel proclamation is every Christian's personal responsibility

Ladies' Ministry Jewellery-Making Workshop

Updates from the Ladies Ministry on their recent jewellery-making workshop - a good way to bring people together

Tested, Tried and True (Neh 2:1-20)

Pastor Arnold continued the series in Nehemiah, and reminded us of God's provisions for Nehemiah despite the trials and tests that he encountered.