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PFOA: "For Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever."

Rounding up his PFOA series, Tony Chan explains the doxology at the end of the Lord's Prayer.

A Call to Fast and Pray for God's Leading

GBC Leadership has been actively praying for God's leading us into our Rebuilding Project and we want to encourage members and worshippers to join in fasting and praying. Together, let us seek God's continued leading and wisdom as we embark on this journey of faith.

Reviving Outreach in MacPherson

Ps Bobby Lee talks about the harvest field of MacPherson Estate, introducing two outreach efforts - the tuition ministry within MacPherson, and the Kovan Fellowship.

Church Camp 2014 Committee Interview (cont'd)

In this second interview, Thian Chye shares more with us regarding the upcoming church camp and more of the heart of the committee - their prayers for the church through the June camp. Have you signed up yet?

Couples Night Out - Love is in the Air!

A thoughtful and loving effort by the Family Ministry and their team of GBC volunteers to encourage married couples to spend more time with their spouses.

Announcement 16 Mar 2014

GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH LIMITED(Registration no. 197903364W) Registered Office: 17 Mattar Road, Singap...

PFOA: "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil"

In this post, Tony Chan discusses the presence of evil in this world and how we ought to pray in response to it.

Sermon Series Recap: The Church Series

In this sermon recap, we remind ourselves of what the doctrine of church is, and why it was taught to us in 2013.

TGIF CG Bible Study Review - 7 March 2014

Past Friday, we studied Nehemiah 5--an episode that shows how Nehemiah is not only interested in physical rebuilding, but also the spiritual reformation of God's people. The problem was the poor did not have enough grain due to famine and labor diverted to rebuilding work, had to pay the king's taxes, and they were financially exploited by their rich Jewish brothers charging overly-high interest.

Real People, Real Revival, & Real Results

Nehemiah 10 reminds us that God's people who have heard and prayed through his Word must also act and obey what they have heard.