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Announcement for 18 March 2018


Suffer Little Children

We rejoice that more young families are joining us at GBC. Pastor Ian shares with us how we can respond with grace as we worship God together with young children in our midst.

Prepare for worship (18 Mar 2018)

Jesus is a humble and compassion Servant-King, who made himself nothing in order to love and save the unlovely. He came not to be served, but to serve. As we prepare our hearts for worship, let us focus on this love and commitment of God to cleanse us of our sins and bring us back to Him through Jesus.

The Church: A Radical Kind of Belonging

Claire Low expounds on the radical nature of belonging to a church community, and challenges us to love one another radically through serving in practical ways and meeting spiritual needs.

Learning God’s Word With Project Timothy, ETCAsia and Prof. D A Carson

From 8 to 9 March 2018, GBC played host to about six-hundred odd visitors as we partnered Project Timothy and Evangelical Theological College of Asia to spend two nights studying Romans Chapter 3 and 4 with Professor DA Carson.

Know Your Leaders - Elder Associate Caleb Yap

Elder associate Caleb Yap shares with us his journey into personal faith, and reflects on the importance of unity, trust and openness in our relationships with fellow believers in GBC.

Walking Together in the Light

Pastor Eugene shares five practical ways for us to walk together in the light as a church family.

Announcement for 11 March 2018

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION   EQUIP IN MARCH Look out for these classes: How to Read the Bible ...

Prepare for Worship (11 Mar 2018)

This Sunday, let's bow down with humility and gratitude for this majestic and glorious God who has lavishly blessed us with heavenly riches in Christ, and richly provides us with everything we need.

Read Together, Together

In a recent Desiring God article by Brian Wright, we are encouraged to take up the lost discipline of reading the Bible with one another.