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Good Friday Service - 14 Apr 2017

Neo Yi Ling reflects on the evening service held on Good Friday to remember the day when an innocent man, a King sent from God to reign over the world, became the sacrificial lamb for the entire humanity’s sins.

Sacrifices of the Heart

As we imitate our King, the sacrifices we willingly undertake in pursuing Jesus matter in how they direct our hearts towards Him. Here, some members of GBC share about what they have given up, taken up, or willingly struggle with for the sake of the cross.

"... A Living and Holy Sacrifice ..." (Rom 12:1)

Pastor Arnold reminds us that we are living sacrifices, and our lives should show this through our transformed thinking and behaviour.

Grace News Issue #2 2015 - Sacrifice: Give Up, Take Up, Set Apart

This issue of Grace News urges us to offer ourselves as a "living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God", for this is true worship.